EBMT NEWSLETTER | September 2017 | Volume 58 - Issue 4

Important dates
In late August, the EBMT responded to the European Union Commission’s consultation for the evaluation of EU legislation on blood, tissues and cells. In addition, the EBMT will be represented at the Stakeholders Meeting on the evaluation taking place on 20 September in Brussels with Prof. Christian Chabannon (Marseille, France) invited to be one of the panellists during the event.
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The EBMT registry was also presented at the recent VISTART Joint Action meeting in Rome on 7 September. The VISTART project is to support EU competent authorities in developing and strengthening their capacity for monitoring and control in the field of blood, tissue and cell transplantation. Among the areas of interest for competent authorities is follow-up of the clinical application of these processes, an area where the EBMT has expertise in HSCT and more recently, cellular therapy.
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As part of the Project 2020 Registry Upgrade project, a benchmarking mechanism will be developed allowing centres that report data to the EBMT to compare their outcome with a wider national and international dataset.

The EBMT is also a contributor to the ARTHIQS Joint Action (http://www.arthiqs.eu/) and the EuroGTPII Project (http://goodtissuepractices.eu). 
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