EBMT NEWSLETTER | September 2015 | Volume 48 - Issue 3

Important dates

The EBMT Nurses Group and the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (HSANZ) prove that long distant relationships can work!

The EBMT Nurses Group is delighted to announce the Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed recently between the EBMT and the HSANZ Nurses Groups. This MOU is a unique opportunity to collaborate and network with our nursing colleagues outside Europe and thus grow our heamatology nursing community.

David Collins, the incoming HSANZ President, will attend the EBMT 2016 Annual Meeting in Valencia. He will present their group, activities and plans. To celebrate this new partnership, the HSANZ is offering a competitive grant to a local nurse member to attend the EBMT 2016 and they hope to sustain this each year.

HSANZ Nurses Group fast facts:
  • Nurses sub-group formally established within HSANZ in 2008
  • Membership consists of 262 nurses working in the field of haematology, malignant, non-malignant, BMT and transfusion in Australia and New Zealand
  • Core objectives include provision and promotion of educational activities in Australia and New Zealand; promote and undertake nursing research; engage and collaborate with related nursing groups and deliver a 3 day nursing stream at annual scientific meeting.

Upcoming EBMT NG events

The EBMT Nurse Group International Study day will be held on 09 October 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Topics to be covered include trends in stem cell transplantation and stem cell donor issues as well as updates on the practical care of the  BMT patient e.g. Central venous catheter care, isolation practices, oral care etc.
Invitation from the Nurses Group President
If you are interested in participating in this event please register at www.ebmtngday2015.cz

Communication and Networking Group Update

The CNC welcomes two new members, Alberto and Lisa.

Alberto works within the Department of Pediatric Oncology and HSCT in the Hospital Polcinico, AOUI Verona and has participated in many conferences and groups on the subject of BMT and Paediatric Oncology. Alberto will be responsible for updating social media and e-learning in aspects of EBMT work.

Lisa is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working within Teenage and Young Adult Cancer at University College London. She will be the link for the National Groups and work with Alberto on e-learning on the EBMT website.

Sadly Reggie Belkhedim will no longer be working within the CNC. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Reggie for her fantastic work within the group and the CNC hopes it can continue to deliver her  high standards as it moves forward.
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