EBMT NEWSLETTER | September 2015 | Volume 48 - Issue 3


Today is the World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Malignant lymphoma can be cured by stem cell transplantation and new transplantation techniques are enabling more patients to undergo such therapy.

New database including donor outcome follow-up

The EBMT Donor Outcome Committee informs that it is now possible to enter donor outcome data into the ProMISe database of EBMT Registry.

Study published in the JCO

Investigators from the Acute Leukemia Working Party apply a novel computational approach for prediction of HSCT mortality with acute leukemia patients

EBMT Studies

Updates on five important EBMT studies

EBMT publications

Focus on three important recent studies published in Blood; Leukemia and the British Journal of Haematology

BMT Journal featured articles

Read a selection of the recently trending arcticles

A tribute to Dick van Bekkum

Professor van Bekkum sadly passed away on July at the age of 89. He was a leading figure in the discipline of SCT.

EBMT Annual Meeting

Abstract submission is now open! Infographic report of the EBMT 2015 Annual Meeting

ESH-EBMT Training Course on HSCT

Outcomes of the 19th edition of the ESH-EBMT Training Course that took place in May in Málaga, Spain

Nurses Group

Memorandum of Understanding between the EBMT and the HSANZ Nurses Groups; International Study Day; Communication & Networking Group

Important dates
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