EBMT NEWSLETTER | September 2013 | Volume 37 - Issue 2

Important dates
The Registry Upgrade Project Plan has undergone a re-arrangement due to the introduction of a new version of the Remedy platform. Within this project plan, sets of deliverables (forms, reports, platform enhancements and dashboards) were to be finalised in June, July, August and September. At the moment, we are evaluating the June and July deliverables, and according to the new schedule, the project presents a delay. The June deliverables needed additional work and the July deliverables will not be fully delivered until September, when the hands-on validation will begin. 
We are aware that the EBMT community is waiting for confirmation from us regarding both the Go-Live and the Registry Upgrade training dates, that the clock is ticking and you need to make arrangements on your part. 
We have had several meetings with Remedy’s configuration and management team and, given the current delay, we have agreed to postpone the project approximately 3 months. This was endorsed by the Steering Committee last month of August. As much as we regret the delay, it will allow some more time for thorough testing and organisation of the training. 
We are now looking at having the train-the-trainer mid-January, with centre training to be organised according to each Registry’s policy, but with the aim of completing it between late January and early March, 2014, with the system going live before EBMT 2014 at the end of March.
We should have more definite dates over the next weeks.

To make the most of this delay, we encourage centres to run the data quality queries to get rid of problems which could have a negative impact on data migration. Further information was given in the July issue of Data Management News or you can contact registryhelpdesk@ebmt.org if you need any assistance. If you receive emails from the Registry (about possible doubles, shared UPN’s, missing follow up, etc.), please respond as soon as possible so we can help you to correct the data.

For more information, please visit the EBMT website
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