EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2015 | Volume 49 - Issue 1

Important dates
  1. National Chairs Meeting
  2. National Groups Updates
  3. International Study Day
  4. PNH practical guides
  5. EBMT NG Board Vacancies

National Chairs Meeting 

On October 8th was held a National Chairs meeting with very interesting discussions between different groups. There were representatives from Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, France, Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

National achievements, adjournments, suggestions and objectives have been shared in a very prospective output. It was also agreed on the next International Study Day location. In 2017 International Study Day, together with National Chairs meeting will be hosted by the Turkish National Group in Istanbul and in 2018 the Day will be organized in conjunction between Slovenian and Austrian National Groups.

Save the Dates! The next National Chairs Meeting and International Study Day will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 13th -14th 2016.

National Groups Updates

EBMT UK Nurses and Allied Profession Group

The UK has had its annual EBMT UK NAP group meeting in Newcastle on 16th October - Managing the Daily Challenges of BMT. The meeting moves around the country in order that we can reach as many nurses as possible. Last year we were in Bristol and next year we plan to visit Southampton, please come along and take part. Registration is through our website.

For the first time we sold out our venue 2 weeks before the event. Due to popular demand we opened our doors wider and squeezed in a few extra people. We had planned for 50 participants and eventually had 77, including our sponsors and charities. Of course these events cannot go ahead without sponsorship and we are glad of the support from Therakos, Chugai, MSD, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Arrow control.

We were also pleased to have several charities along who were able to spread the news about the good work they do for our patients. We had attendance from The Anthony Nolan, Clik Sergent, Bloodwise, Myeloma UK and Leukaemia and Lymphoma.

The program was again excellent with a variety of presentations. We tapped into the local talent and were privileged to have Professor Graham Jackson talk alongside his ITU colleague on the difficulties encountered with severely unwell transplant patients. This generated great debate which highlighted the often grey area that we all operate in.

We continue to have good flow through our website looking at the educational material, especially Dr Paul Carpenters GvHD video assessment. More information: http://ebmt.co.uk/learning/
The GCSF e-learning document is open access and has a quiz at the end that generates a certificate for your portfolio, good evidence for JACIE as nurses are now expected to receive growth hormone training in the latest guidelines. Please take the test and see if you can score maximum marks, few can, are you good enough?

John Murray
Chair EBMT UK NAP group

International Study Day 

This year’s International Study Day was the 5th EBMT NG joint meeting with national nurses groups and was successfully organized in collaboration with Haemato-Oncology Department of University Hospital in Pilsen, Czech Republic.
More information: http://www.ebmtngday2015.cz/
There were over 80 nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals from Czech Republic, Austria, UK, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, France and Spain.
A multidisciplinary approach to transplant was given with particular focus on the risks of immunosuppression and transplant complications in paediatric and adult setting. The implementation of a comprehensive nursing care to patients following quality control system relevant to nurses’ practice based on JACIE standards has been widely discussed.

The whole event has been video registered and will be available on the EBMT website, web-learning nursing section soon.

Launch of the Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemaglobinuria (PNH) practical guides

These educational materials have been developed to provide both patients and health care professionals with a better understanding of PNH.
For patients, the aim is to provide informative, reliable, comprehensive material that is functional, can be an aid to healthcare professionals explaining the disease, and can promote communication between patients, their carers and the healthcare team caring for them.
The brochure for healthcare professionals is also designed to provide more detailed information relating to PNH and is part of a series of materials which aims to provide a basis for developing knowledge in relation to PNH and in promoting quality of care.
These materials have been developed by an expert panel including patients and healthcare professionals with wide-spread experience of PNH and educational material development.
You can view these two brochures on the EBMT website by clicking on the following link:

EBMT Nurses Group Board Vacancies

The positions available this year are for the Secretary and the President-Elect.

Please read the article entitled "Elections" to get more information.
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