EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2015 | Volume 49 - Issue 1

Important dates


Working Party Chair vacancies

We would like to invite you to participate in the nomination process for the following WP Chair vacancies:
  • Chairperson Autoimmune Diseases Working Party
  • Chairperson Infectious Diseases Working Party
  • Chairperson Lymphoma Working Party
Members from full EBMT member centers interested in applying for the position of one of the vacant Working Party Chair positions should send the following documents to the EBMT Executive Office in Barcelona before 1st December 2015:
  1. 10 *nomination forms signed by 10 full member centres (full members only and one vote per centre)
  2. CV (including list of relevant publications)
  3. Motivation letter
 Please contact Lissa Perteghella lissa.perteghella@ebmt.org at the Executive office in Barcelona if you would like to receive the *nomination form.
Voting will take place online 1 month prior to the annual EBMT Annual Meeting in Valencia when newly elected chairpersons will take up their new position.

Nurses Group Board vacancies

It is that time of year again when we require nominations for positions vacant on the EBMT Nurses Group (EBMT NG) Board. The positions available this year are for:
  • Secretary
  • President-Elect
 The criteria for nominees are as follows: 
  • You must be a registered nurse working in the field of HSCT
  • You must be a member of the EBMT NG
  • Only 2 board members can be from the same country (currently there is 1 member from Italy, 1 from Finland and 1 from the United Kingdom)
 A brief description of the roles can be found below:

Role of President-Elect
  1. Member of the EBMT board of Association as President of the EBMT NG
  2. Promotes the name and activity of the EBMT NG
  3. Contact person for EBMT National Groups Chair
  4. Responsible for the activity of the 5 EBMT NG committees
  5. Defines the strategic plan of the EBMT NG
  6. Reviews the EBMT NG Byelaws
  7. Approves the budget plan of the EBMT NG
  8. Collaboration/education in European and Outreach Countries
  9. Collaborates with EBMT offices
  10. Ability to match NG educational needs with sponsors
  11. Actively participate in 3 Main Board meetings and 1 extra sponsor meeting a year
  12. Actively participate in 3 EBMT NG Board meetings a year
  13. Actively participate in 3 EBMT NG Committee meetings a year
The Principal Nurses will have the right to elect the president-elect from among the EBMT-NG members, who after one year of being president elect will move on automatically to be President for a term of three years, and then will remain a board member for one more year as past president (term of five years altogether).
Role of the Secretary 
  1. Organise EBMT NG meetings, agenda and minutes including the Annual Business Meeting
  2.  Promote the EBMT NG scholarships and grants
  3. Should maintain effective communication with all members of the board and committees
  4. Supportive role for all Board Members
  5. Should have access to phone and E-mail and have a good understanding of written and spoken English
  6. Promote the group at all times
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to the vision, mission, values, positions, activities and priorities of the EBMT Nurses Group
  8. Have good effective communication with the members of the group by:
    • Attending 3 EBMT NG Meetings a year
    • Having an active part in the Annual Meeting, advisory council meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary for the good conduct and governance of the EBMT Nurses Group 
The EBMT NG Secretary will be for a term of 4 years. All EBMT NG members will be eligible to cast a vote for this position.

Please send a brief motivation letter with CV to sara.zulu@nhs.net by the 6th of January 2016.

Online voting will continue from January 2016 with the successful candidate announced at the Annual Meeting in Valencia.

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