EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2014 | Volume 44 - Issue 2

Important dates

4th EBMT Nurses Group International Study Day

The 4th EBMT Nurses Group International Study Day, a Joint Meeting with one of the national nurses groups was held in Florence, Italy on the 31st October 2014.
The EBMT and Italian GITMO nurses groups had the privilege to meet colleagues from Czech Republic, Iran, Netherlands, and Belgium and had the opportunity to share experience on the care of immunosuppressed HSCT patients, the importance of multidisciplinary approach to transplant and the risks of complications in pediatric and adult settings.
Particular attention was given to nursing care plan and quality control systems based on JACIE standards.
In addition, the new EBMT VOD learning program has been presented and learning material translated in six languages has been distributed to all participants to be hopefully shared with their colleagues in innovative way. 
The International Study Day has been recorded for e-learning and will be available soon on our www.ebmt.org website.
The next edition, 5th International Study Day will be held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, on October 9th 2015. Save the date!

Aleksandra Babic
EBMT Nurses Group President

EBMT Spanish Nurses Group's 10th anniversary

Back in 2004, the EBMT Nurses Group (EBMT NG) encouraged Spanish nurses to create a national group as other countries in Europe have done. This same year, the Annual Meeting was held in Barcelona and was attended by several nurses from different hospitals in Barcelona. They took up the challenge to become a group and joined forces to work together.

Three years later, with the strong support of the EBMT NG, the EBMT Spanish Nurses Group called the GEETPH (Grupo Español de Enfermería en TPH) organised the first Spanish study day in 2007. It was held in Alicante.

A big step forward was made in October 2013 as we were able to organise the international study day open to all European nurses. We had the amazing opportunity to take the lead on the content of the educational sessions, the best national and European speakers and on other decisions.

By the end of the 2013 the Spanish Nurses Group Board became an association in order to continue organising the study days. However, the study day was postponed for 6 months during which timewe fulfilled all the Spanish government requirements and we finally received the approval in April 2014.

2014 has been an important year for the EBMT Spanish Nurses Group as it has been celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark 10 years of the GEETPH foundation, we held several actions during the 8th Spanish Study Day. The event took place in October 24th 2014 in Madrid at the Niño Jesús Universitary Hospital, which acted as the perfect host hospital.
This 8th Spanish study day was very successful. We sold out 10 days before the event. 116 nurses attended of which 34 were members of the EBMT Spanish Nurses Group.  This is excellent news because this means that the information of the Study Day was spread amongst colleagues, and almost half of the non-members decided to become new members after the event. One of the actions taken to celebrate the 10th anniversary was to give 28 scholarships to hematological nurses from Hospitals around Spain. We are currently analysing the surveys to gauge the opinion of the attending nurses in order to understand their needs and prepare the next 10 years and future educational events.

The educational event went well and as you can see in the photo we enjoyed some moments of fun.

Members of the GEETPH celebrating the 10th anniversary at the Spanish Study Day.
Nurses have a key role in all aspects of patients’ management, part of this role involves being active in professional groups in order to provide better patient care.
For the past 10 years, the GEETPH has been dedicated to nursing care, promoting education in nursing, research, and encouraging exchange of knowledge, etc. This anniversary is a Happy Birthday to all the nurses who have been involved in various ways for the last 10 years.  Congratulations for your passion, commitment and well-done work! 
Anna Mantecon
EBMT Spanish Nurses President on behalf of the Spanish Nurses Board

EBMT and EONS collaboration 

The EBMT Nurses Group participated in the congress of the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) that took place from 18 to 19 September 2014 in Istanbul since the EONS and EBMT NG has committed to future collaboration. The first shared project will be to update the TITAN programme. TITAN is a course about thrombocytopenia, anaemia and neutropenia, common complications of many cancer treatments. We believe the update will result in a useful tool to oncology/haematology nurses. As a first step to confirm our partnership there was a joint EBMT/EONS session at the EONS9 Congress.
Haematopoietic stem cell transplant (SCT) is standard therapy for many patients with haematological cancers and this treatment is also used for some solid tumours. A large number of cancer patients receive chemotherapy, which is also part of the SCT concept, and many aspects of patient care are similar regardless of cancer type and treatment modality. EBMT Nurses Group and EONS therefore recognize the advantages of collaboration in nursing issues where we share the same challenges and where our joint efforts could improve the care of patients with different cancer diagnoses.
Elisabeth Wallhult
EBMT Nurses Group Past President
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