EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2014 | Volume 44 - Issue 2

Important dates

Election results

Total 188 responses
Chiara Bonini  38.30% 72 votes
Francesco Dazzi 24.47% 46 votes
Christian Chabannon 24.47% 46 votes
Alli Unal 12.77% 24 votes

Congratulations go to Chiara Bonini, who will take over from Andrea Velardi as CTI WP Chair. Dr. Bonini is based in the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy and was previously an active member of the IWP. We look forward to her joining the EBMT Scientific Council and contributing further to the newly named CTI WP activities.
Click on the link to see Dr. Bonini's manifesto.

Thanks to Christian Chabannon, Francesco Dazzi and Ali Unal who also presented their excellent candidacy for the position of CTI WP Chair. We are very grateful for their continued support and hope that we can continue to count on their active contributions to EBMT.
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