EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2014 | Volume 44 - Issue 2

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to focus this newsletter on the results of the membership survey which was held last May/June 2014.
First of all, I would like to thank you for your time in responding and bringing ideas to this survey. Your opinion and suggestions on the direction of the Society are extremely important and provide invaluable information towards bringing EBMT closer to its members.

The level of participation in this survey was outstanding, with 668 responding members (compared to 506 in 2010), representing 361 Centers from 55 countries. On each topic of the survey, there are some interesting results that I would like to share with you.

On the “Science” topic, the vast majority of respondents considers that the EBMT Working Party structure represents the right framework in which to perform studies, and members would like to be increasingly involved in such scientific activities.
I would like to emphasize that EBMT studies are open to every interested stakeholder. Membership of a given working party is not needed. In the near future, the EBMT will increase the level of communication about ongoing studies in order to provide broader and comprehensive information to all members on a regular basis.

On the subject of the “Annual Meeting”, expectations for more innovative and “practical” sessions have been expressed.
In June, the Board analyzed this aspect and endorsed the opportunity to implement new types of sessions at the next Annual Meeting starting with 12 Meet-the-Expert sessions scheduled for the Istanbul meeting in 2015. Also, a series of “How do I do?” sessions totally oriented towards routine practice will be introduced on the Saturday afternoon immediately prior to the start of the annual meeting, in parallel with the patients’, donors’ and family day. The popular controversies held during lunch will be further strengthened with additional topics to be introduced.

On the area of “Education”, you strongly expressed the need for smaller and more focused EBMT-driven educational/scientific meetings/workshops, which can tackle the most relevant topics related to clinical practice. Again, this message has been heard and we are currently working on such events.
You have also expressed your expectations for more educational support, such as free access to recommendations and guidelines, and electronic versions of presentations made during the annual meeting.
You were also eager to see EBMT developing new educational tools such as Quizzes, multiple choice questions, quick tips, etc. to transfer the “know how” to junior colleagues. These ideas will be a major focus of the educational projects in the next couple of years. A smart handbook of “Questions & Answers” is currently under discussion. I am quite confident that such handbook could be finalized by the end of 2015.

The vast majority of members consider Quality Management Standards and Accreditation as important parts of transplantation practice and care. More training and support with enhanced networking, sharing of experiences and access to expertise would help non-accredited centers to engage with the JACIE accreditation process. This is another area of interest where you will see some very innovative ideas that will likely facilitate the accreditation process to most candidates.

The expectation for an increased role for Nurses within the organization has been confirmed. A clear consensus exists that EBMT should facilitate and encourage more nurses to perform Nursing Research. Additional educational tools and training resources are likely needed to achieve this goal. The Nurses Group is currently actively working on this issue.

Finally, the development of partnerships with cancer and/or blood disorder patients’ associations has been endorsed. Our focus is to work hand in hand with patients’ associations in order to influence governments and health authority decisions. This is not an easy task in such a complex international environment. However, ideas are emerging and some concrete initiatives will soon be implemented.

The EBMT Board and staff is looking forward to working with all of you on the above key objectives.
Thank you all for making EBMT such a wonderful and friendly society. Please do not forget to follow the EBMT news on Twitter @TheEBMT and @Mohty_EBMT.

Best wishes and take care.

Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President
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