EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2013 | Volume 38 - Issue 3

Important dates
The Registry Upgrade project has seen changes to the Project Plan during the last months. The complexity of some of the Registry system requirements and the importance of fielding a refined solution led to a decision to extend the project by 3 months. In addition, and regarding the core configuration, the project was split into five groups of deliverables to be delivered sequentially, with the deadline for the last group being the 20th December.


Each group of deliverables, including data collection forms, platform enhancements, reports, dashboard and data migration mapping, will be cleared beforehand by Remedy Informatics’ quality team. On delivery of each group the deliverables will be tested by EBMT staff. This includes Unit Tests to check that each individual deliverable fulfils the EBMT requirements, and Integration Tests to check that the EBMT requirements and processes are covered through the combined performance of all deliverables. The testing also includes data migration for the data collection forms covered within each group.
Delays have already been encountered and, given the complexity of the project, more may be encountered further delaying the completion and go-live of the system. Though both partners are committed to sticking to deadlines as much as possible, the EBMT Registry is very clear about not jeopardizing the data by going-live before the project has been thoroughly tested.

Train-the-trainer course

The Train-the-trainer course will take place for selected individuals from national registries and EBMT offices during the days 10th-12th December, and will be done by training experts from Remedy Informatics who will fly to London during this period. The attendees will then go back to their respective countries to train colleagues and organise centre training.
We expect to roll out the training to centres during the first quarter of 2014. EBMT administrators will also receive specialised training during this period. Further configuration, testing and data migration rehearsals will proceed in parallel.
In addition to the training that will be provided under the umbrella of the national registries, the Registry office will approach centres in countries without national registries to assess the possibility of organising training sessions in the area. Further training will be done during the Annual Congress. 

Go-live date

We anticipate going live on the first week of March 2014, giving willing centres the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the system before the Annual Congress. As crucial as the Go-Live date is, the Registry Upgrade does not end here. Remedy Informatics will continue to work on other requirements until the end of June 2014 when we expect the implementation part of the Registry Upgrade to be over. After that, and until the end of the year, the Registry, following from decisions to be made by the Data collection review currently taking place, will engage in the modification and generation of data collection forms, reports and dashboards as necessary. We expect a very busy and thrilling 2014!
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