EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2013 | Volume 38 - Issue 3

Important dates

Summary of the 3rd International Study Day

According to the EBMT Nurses Group mission, our goal is that patients and their families will benefit most from Nursing Education. Therefore, we believe that keeping nurses up to date helps to provide optimal patient care. We are confident that educational experiences such as the third Study Day offer hemato-oncology nurses good educational outcomes.

The rapidity of hematology-related developments makes it imperative for nurses to stay current with their profession in a timely manner. With this in mind, in order to meet educational needs, the EBMT Nurses Group in collaboration with the Spanish EBMT Nurses Group organized the 3rd International Study Day, last October 4th in Barcelona. It was a day course where plenary sessions and study cases went around evidence based care to hematologic patients. We assembled the educational program around the risks of immunosuppression, infection preventive measures as well as fever and infections. The faculty was carefully selected to encourage knowledge sharing between disciplines such as Pharmacist or Physiotherapist that safely and expertly care for immunosuppressed patients.  It was well attended by 120 participants from many parts of Spain and 7 other European countries.

Anna Mantecón, the EBMT Spanish NG President, highlights: “In order to continue to provide attendees with the best nursing education, we are evaluating the Study Day program and teachers with the help of the feedback you had provided. This will ensure educators continue to meet your needs".

We are especially grateful to all the attendees, the speakers, the EBMT office, the Oncology Nursing Society for the grant and to all the sponsors for their support in making this event a success. Thanks a lot!

Summary of the Nurses Group Committee meeting

Amsterdam September 20th – 22th 2013 

Three new members

Elisabeth Wallhult EBMT Nursing Group (NG) president opened the meeting by welcoming all Committee and Board members, included 3 new members:
  1. Alexandra Babic from Italy - President elect
  2. Simone Van der Linden from the Netherlands – Scientific Committee
  3. Daphna Hutt from Israel – Pediatric Committee

Launch of new event for 2014

E. Wallhult launched two exciting events for 2014. First celebration of the 40th anniversary of the EBMT and second EBMT was renamed to “European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation".

40th Annual Meeting of the EBMT

The Annual Meeting will take place in Milan from March 30th to April 02nd 2014 and will be organised by our new Professional Congress Organiser called MCI.

NG's needs and requests

During the meeting all Committees reviewed together with the Board their needs and requests. To pick out one topic: usability of EBMT website. The Communication and Networking Committee together with the EBMT Communication Coordinator are in charge of this project and a solution will be presented in 2014. 

Educational Committe representative 

It was also announced that the NG now has an official representative in the Educational Committee. Arno Mank from Amsterdam is holding that position.

Revision of the 6th edition of the JACIE standards

The review process for the 6th edition of the JACIE standards started in June, for the second time with nurse representation. Mairead Ni Chonghaile and Tuula Rintala are providing nursing input to this important document.

Master Classes 

Three successful Master Classes have already been held for Russian nurses and the next course will take place in November. A number of colleagues from the EBMT NG have been involved and this time Merja Stenvall, Michelle Kenyon, Marco Deiana and Arno Mank will be the lecturers.

Meeting for chairs / contact persons from the National NGs

We regret that we had to cancel the meeting that was planned for chairs/contact persons from the National EBMT Nurses Groups in conjunction with the International Study Day. The previous meetings have been much appreciated and provided a good opportunity to network and get feedback from the different countries. We consider this interaction important and plan to hold the meeting in the beginning of 2014 instead. National Group chairs will receive more information as soon as it becomes available.


We would like to invite you to participate in the nomination process for the following vacancies:
  • Treasurer;
  • 2 positions within the scientific committee;
  • 3 positions within the research committee;
  • 1 position within the paediatric committee;
  • 1 position within the Communication and Networking Committee.
If you are interested in one of these positions, please send a CV along with a short letter of motivation to sara.zulu@nhs.net by the 20th of December 2013

Successful applicants will start their term from April 2014 with the first meeting being held during the Annual Meeting in Milan for the time of 3 years. All nominations will be considered during the EBMT NG board meeting to be held in January 2014.

If you would like any further information please contact Sara Zulu who will be pleased to discuss these positions.

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