EBMT NEWSLETTER | November 2013 | Volume 38 - Issue 3

Important dates

The CALM study

Collaboration to Collect Autologous transplant outcomes in Lymphoma and Myeloma patients

Call for data 

First we would like to thank you all for sending in your data and for the hard work you have done! Almost all CALM centres are up and running and we have received a lot of data these last few months. We are well on our way but still need more data in order to reach our target of 9500 transplants.
Therefore we would still like to urge you to please send in your MED B and MED C data as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so.
The deadline for MED B/C data submission is December 31th, 2013
  • For MED-B:
If you are not performing your own data entry:
=> prospective transplantations (data not yet registered in ProMISe) should be sent to the EBMT Data Office in London
=> retrospective transplantations (data already registered in ProMISe) should be sent to the EBMT Data Office in Leiden

If you are performing your own data entry:
Please be reminded to create a working party record in ProMISe and enter the CALM study code 42206644. If you have already entered your patients in Promise please let us know and  we can assign the CALM study code for you.
  • For MED-C:
MED-C data for all transplantations should be sent to EBMT Data Office in Leiden.

Please note that a separate MED C from should be completed for all consecutive MM transplants within one patient (in case of multiple transplants).                                  
In order to spread the workload, we would like to ask you to send us data on an on-going base, preferably a complete set of MED B and corresponding MED C per patient.
CALM study coordination
As of December 01, 2013 until April 01, 2014, Steffie van der Werf will be on maternity leave. Any CALM study related correspondence/questions can be sent to Paul Bosman or Cora Knol via e-mail address: calm.ebmt@lumc.nl.

Plerixafor Off-label study

Along with the CALM study we register the use of plerixafor in non-label settings, by means of a short Patient Registration form of only 2 pages (MED-C questions). In case of an allogeneic transplant we additionally collect some information (some of the MED-C items) about the donor. Until now 31 centres offered to send in registration forms, while 5 other centres consider their participation. From these centres we are planning to collect ca. 300 registrations in the 5-year period. At the moment we have received 75 Patient Registration forms. In order to enhance our knowledge about the plerixafor off-label transplant use, it will be highly appreciated if you send us more Patient Registration forms on any occasional use of plerixafor for non-label indications in your centre.
The Plerixafor Off-label study is still open for participation. We are collecting data of the patients who received a transplant between 31 July 2009 and 31 July 2014. To participate in the study, please return the Patient Registration forms to Annelies Kleijne at the EBMT Data Office in Leiden, by fax +49 711 4900 8723 or e-mail address plerolebmt@lumc.nl.
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