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Important dates

10th Meeting of the Quality Management Group
20th Anniversary
Upcoming Inspector Training courses

10th Meeting of the Quality Management Group

The 7th edition of the Standards concentrated a lot of the attention in Lisbon with attendees keen to know what the main changes in the new edition are. Nina Worel, Simon Hack, Olga López, Kim Orchard and Riccardo Saccardi took the listeners through the different sections of the new edition. Novel aspects such as the inclusion of immune effector cells within the scope of the hematopoietic cell therapy standards were of particular interest given the widespread excitement surrounding chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) T cell therapies and their imminent introduction to the clinical setting.

The high interest was clear when all the 160 available seats were occupied almost from the very start and an adjoining room had to be opened to accommodate all of the attendees with screens and audio providing a live feed from the presentations in the main room.

The Annual Meeting 2018 was the first time that the Inspectors session was fully incorporated into the congress programme and opened to non-inspectors also given that the topics and information are highly relevant to centres too. Carole Charley, Ivana Ferraro and Louise McNamara, the three JACIE Report Assessors, described some of the ‘hot topics’ from inspections during 2017 while Kim Orchard explained the new detail of the planned discharge standards in the 7th edition and the higher expectations of JACIE with regard to care given to the patient when returned to their local hospital for post-transplant care, considered a critical phase in the treatment process.

Other topics addressed during the sessions included how other standards such as ISO complement the FACT-JACIE Standards, competency assessment, change control and risk assessment and long-term impact of corrective and preventive actions.
Practically all of the presentations made during the Quality Management Day can be downloaded from the programme planner.

If you are interested in knowing more about the 7th edition, there are guides and explanations available on our website.

20th Anniversary: Opening session and panel discussion

The EBMT was proud to mark 20 years since the General Assembly approved adoption of the first edition of the Standards in 1998 at the Courmayeur meeting. That decision opened the way to establishing an accreditation programme and to working closely with FACT since then on developing international standards of HSCT.

Prof. John Snowden, Chair of the JACIE Committee, presented during the opening ceremony and began by thanking pioneers such as Alois Gratwohl, Gunnar Kvalheim and Alvaro Urbano and many more individuals for their vision and decision two decades ago. However, rather than simply looking back, Prof. Snowden also spoke on JACIE’s present and future with important initiatives taking place in areas such as accessible certification for low- to –middle-income countries (‘Stepwise’), benchmarking of clinical outcome via the EBMT registry and inclusion of novel cell therapies.

On Monday 19 March, a special session took place with a panel discussion on that same theme of past, present and future. The panellists were Jane Apperley, Christian Chabannon, Gunnar Kvalheim, Jeff Szer (WBMT/WMDA), Fermin Sanchéz (ISCT), Ineke Slaper, Riccardo Saccardi, Alvaro Urbano and Alessandro Rambaldi with John Snowden and Eoin McGrath as moderators. The discussion ranged from the origins of JACIE and the perception of a need for standards and quality in HSCT to future developments in cell therapy including beyond the traditional transplant setting.

The conclusion was that JACIE remains relevant and important but must continue to adapt as the field advances. Phyllis Warkentin (FACT) and Alois Gratwohl sent their apologies at not being able to participate and their congratulations and good wishes for the future of JACIE.

Upcoming Inspector Training courses

JACIE is particularly interested in German- and French-speaking candidates. If you are interested, see www.ebmt.org/accreditation/inspectors for the description of the role and the criteria to be a candidate or write to Áurea Villar at inspectors@ebmt.org.
  • 24-25 May 2018, Barcelona, Spain
  • 22-23 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain
See https://www.ebmt.org/events for further details.


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