EBMT NEWSLETTER | May 2017 | EBMT 2017 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates
Dear friends and colleagues,
The new EBMT president-elect, Nicolaus Kröger, joined us during the Annual Meeting in Marseille. He has a lifetime experience in haematology, and has been serving EBMT as a Working Party chair for the last 5 years. EBMT is very excited to have attracted such a talented leader. Nicolaus will start his term as president when I step down, in April 2018. However, I am particularly pleased that we are already working together to serve the interests of EBMT.
The second big news is the huge success of the Annual Meeting 2017. An amazing crew of devoted people strove very hard to deliver an outstanding event, and they succeeded 100%! The combination of excellence in science and education, and friendship was the number one priority of the meeting. Not only did we deliver top and cutting-edge educational sessions and lectures, but we were also able to enjoy a wonderful meeting atmosphere. EBMT always appreciates your support and dedication to strengthen the spirit of the big EBMT family, and particularly values the terrific feedback most of you gave on the Marseille annual meeting. As president, I am delighted that the 43rd Annual Meeting was rated so positively: this recognition shows that we are fast moving in the right direction. I feel EBMT is now stronger, more competitive, and well-established as a benchmark scientific and medical society. The preparations for the 44th Annual Meeting to be held in Lisbon (Portugal) 17-21 March 2018 have already started. Besides and beyond the Annual Meeting, the current strategic long-term vision of the EBMT leadership is proving to be highly productive, and I am confident for the future.
If you have not done it yet, please save the date for the 2nd EBMT International Transplant Course (ITC), which will be held in Barcelona, 8-10 September 2017. Like the previous one, this will be an advanced high-level course which will tackle most of the practical challenges we face in daily practice. A special focus is also put on the discussion of real-life clinical cases submitted by the audience and discussed by the faculty. Numerous grants will be available for the youngest participants. For more information, please visit https://eu.eventscloud.com/itc
I am looking forward to catching-up with you very soon. And, in the meantime, please do not forget to follow the EBMT news on Twitter @TheEBMT and @Mohty_EBMT.
Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President

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