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Important dates

Van Bekkum Award
Basic Science Award
Honorary Membership
Clinical Achievements
Jian-Jian Luan Award
Jon van Rood Award
Joint ISCT-EBMT Award
Best Young Abstracts
Nature Publishing Poster Awards:
Best Clinical Poster
Best Science Poster
Nurses Group Awards:
Distinguished Merit Award
Best Oral Presentation Award
Best Poster Award
The Best Original Research

Information about the Awardshttp://www.ebmt2017.org/abstract-awards

Van Bekkum Award

The Van Bekkum Award for the best abstract submitted to the physician's programme, sponsored by the EBMT, was presented to Peter Bader for the abstract entitled: Impact of MRD before and after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) of Childhood ALL By FC and RQ-PCR: A Retrospective Study on Behalf of COG, the PBMTC, the I-BFM the PDWP of the EBMT, and the Westhafen-Intercontinental-Group

Basic Science Award

The Basic Science Award
, sponsored by Cryostem, was presented to Attilio Bondanza for the abstract entitled: Monocytes/macrophages are required for both optimal anti-leukaemia efficacy and the cytokine release syndrome by CAR-T cells

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership awarded to Dean Buckner (US)

and to Axel R Zander (Germany)

Clinical Achievements

The Clinical Achievement Award
awarded to Dominique Maranichi (France)

and to Ljiljana Tucik (Serbia)

Jian-Jian Luan Award

The Jian-Jian Luan Award for Lymphoma Transplant, sponsored by the EBMT, was presented to Carmelo Carlo-Stella for the abstract entitled: Haploidentical transplantation for Hodgkin lymphoma relapsed after autologous transplant: reduced incidence of relapse and of chronic GVHD compared to HLA-identical related donors

Jon van Rood Award

The Jon van Rood Award
for the best paper in the immunobiology of allogeneic hematopoietic transplantation, sponsored by EBMT, was presented to Sarina Ravens (Germany) for the paper entitled: Human gamma delta T cells are quickly reconstituted after stem cell transplantation and show adaptive clonal expansion after viral infection.

Joint ISCT-EBMT Award

The Joint ISCT-EBMT Award
for the best abstract in cellular therapy was presented to Arpad Szoor for the abstract entitled: Two-pronged Cell Therapy: Engineering NK cells to target CD22 and redirect bystander T cells to CD19 for the adoptive immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies

Best Young Abstracts

The Best Young Abstract Awards for the best abstracts submitted for Oral and Poster presentations, sponsored by the EBMT, were presented to 13 young investigators:
  1. Zhihui Li (China) B379
  2. Michael Medinger (Switzerland) A399
  3. Zhanna Shekhovtsova (Russia) B230
  4. David Jacobsohn (USA) B168
  5. Isabelle Krämer (Germany) B265
  6. Sachiko Seo (Japan) A372
  7. Cheng Juan Luo (China) Oral Abstract
  8. Su-Peng Yeh (Taiwan) B211
  9. Maximilian Doppelhammer (Germany) B232
  10. Daria Pagliara (Italy) B171
  11. Sabrina Giammarco (Italy) B253
  12. Samia Harbi (France) A166
  13. Anna Barata (Spain) A439


Nature Publishing Poster Awards

The Best Clinical Poster Award, sponsored by Nature Publishing Group, was presented to Francesca Bonifazi (Italy) for her poster A440 entitled: Significant Improvement of QoL by using ATG as part of the conditioning regimen followed by HLA-identical peripheral stem cell transplantation in acute leukemia patients. Results from a prospective, randomized phase III study (ATG Family Study)

The Best Science Poster Award, sponsored by Nature Publishing Group, was presented to Zhanna Shekhovtsova for her poster B174 entitled: Results of hematopoietic stem cells transplantation with TCRαβ+/CD19+-depletion from matched unrelated and haploidentical donors in pediatric acute myeloblastic leukemia patients in complete remission.

Nurses Group Awards

The 9th Distinguished Merit Award
was presented to Eugenia Arjona Trigoso (Spain).

The Best Oral Presentation Award was presented to Fabienne Colledani (France) for the presentation entitled: Nursing care in gastrointestinal GvHD

The Best Poster Award was presented to Michelle Taylor, Vicky John, Jasmin Hebden (Macmillan Heamatology Clinical nurse specialists, UK) for the poster NP42 entitled: Implementing and improving the holistic needs assessments for autologous stem cell patients.

The Best Original Research was presented to Annika Kisch (Sweden) for her abstract entitled: “The core of sibling stem cell donation – a prospective grounded theory approach
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