EBMT NEWSLETTER | May 2016 | EBMT 2016 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates

General Assembly Meeting

EBMT Members were able to attend the General Assembly Meeting on 5 April 2016 for an update on the EBMT's main activities.

Click here to view the presentations and minutes.

Election results

EBMT Secretary: Rafael Duarte (Madrid, Spain)

Infectious Diseases Working Party: Jan Styczynski (Bydgoszcz, Poland)

Autoimmune Diseases Working Party: John Snowden (Sheffield, UK)

Lymphoma Working Party: Silvia Montoto (London, UK)

Nurses Group

President Elect: John Murray (UK)

Secretary Elect: Michelle Kenyon (UK)
Appreciation for Sara Zulu, out-going Secretary.

Paediatric Committee: Teija Schroder (Finland)

Research Committee Junior member: Marta Canesi (Italy)  

EBMT stand 

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