EBMT NEWSLETTER | May 2015 | EBMT 2015 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates

General Assembly Meeting

EBMT Members attended the General Assembly Meeting on Tuesday 24 March 2015 for an update on the EBMT's main activities.

You can read the presentations and minutes including the following topics:
1.    President´s report - M. Mohty (Paris, France)
2.    Treasurer´s report - F. Falkenburg (Leiden, NL)
3.    Secretary´s report - A. Sureda (Barcelona, Spain)
4.    Announcement of the 2015 election and re-election results
5.    Motion on the strategic plan 2014-2016

Election and re-election

Jürgen Kuball - EBMT Treasurer. Jürgen will take over from J.H.Frederik Falkenburg
Rafael Duarte - Complications and Quality of Life Working Party Chair
Nicolaus Kröger - Chronic Malignancies Working Party Chair

EBMT Stand 

Visitors had the opportunity to read the 23 EBMT posters that were displayed on our stand. If you wish to view them, go to this link: http://goo.gl/8jbe4D


We hope that you enjoy drinking your coffee / tea in your EBMT mug!

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