EBMT NEWSLETTER | March 2017 | Volume 56 - Issue 2

Important dates
Dear friends and colleagues,
This newsletter is reaching you a few days before the EBMT 2017 Annual Meeting to be held in Marseille. At this stage, I can assure you that this 43rd Annual Meeting of the EBMT will be a memorable one, including the 33rd EBMT Nurses Group meeting, 16th EBMT Data Management Group Meeting, 11th Patient, Family & Donor Day, 9th Meeting of the Quality Management Group, 6th Cell Therapy Day, 6th Paediatrics Day, 2nd EBMT Pharmacists Day and 1st Psychologists Day. The 2017 scientific content will start as early as Saturday 25th March, with the popular “How do I do?” workshops dedicated to tackle some practical issues that we encounter in our daily practice. On Sunday 26th, you will be able to enjoy an impressive number of top quality satellite symposia followed by the opening session and ceremony.
This year, we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first seminal report in our field. EBMT is very proud and honoured having Prof. R. Storb delivering the opening lecture of the meeting. In his lecture, Prof. Storb will highlight how the use of hematopoietic cell transplantation for therapy of malignant and non-malignant blood diseases has become a mainstay in medicine. Since 1969, more than one million transplants have been performed around the world paving the way for the currently booming field of cancer immunotherapy.
Sixty years ago, the idea of infusing the bone marrow of a healthy individual into a patient was thought to be an impossible mission. Today, hematopoietic cell transplantation is widely used worldwide. The transplant community has abolished all walls and borders between nations. A leukemic patient can receive a graft from the other side of the planet. Stem cells are circulating all over the globe to save lives and achieve a greater world.
Concomitant with the Marseille Annual Meeting upcoming celebrations, I am pleased to announce that EBMT has just signed a new agreement related to the EBMT registry upgrade project which is now back on the right track. You will hear more details in the next few months.
I wish you a very pleasant and fruitful Annual Meeting. I am looking forward to catching-up with you in Marseille. The hashtag for the Twitter coverage of the meeting is #EBMT17. And in the meantime, please do not forget to follow the EBMT news on Twitter @TheEBMT and @Mohty_EBMT.
Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President
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