EBMT NEWSLETTER | March 2016 | Volume 51 - Issue 2

Important dates
32nd Meeting of the Nurses Group
Training course for HSCT nurses
National Groups' update

32nd Meeting of the Nurses Group

I am pleased to say that the organisation for this year’s EBMT Annual Meeting has gone well and we have put together a varied and exciting program that I am confident will appeal to transplant nurses across Europe.
There will be a high quality of presentations from nurses, medics and other allied professional that I am sure will prompt some discussions and comments from the audience.
As usual we have a stand-alone Sunday study day, to be paid for separately to the main conference. This is filling up fast with more than 130 people already registered. The focus this year is on the ‘Management of transplant complications and the patients expectations’. I am pleased to say that we have drawn from a wider base and have a psychologist and palliative care expert as well as an Olympic Gold medal winner speaking on this day. I am very much looking forward to hearing them speak.
I am very pleased to announce that one of our Past Presidents Dr Arno Mank has accepted the challenge of the Key Note Lecture this year. Dr Mank is always an entertaining presenter and his topic is ‘Evolution or Revolution of the Transplant Nurse’. Dr Mank has nursed for enough years to have seen the massive leaps in skills and knowledge that the average transplant nurse now possesses and he will share his thoughts and experience with the crowd.
We have received sponsorship and will have several satellite symposia from Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Alexion and Amgen at lunchtime and evening sessions, please come along to these as our sponsors enable conference to exist.
The joint nurses and doctors session this year will be ‘The Role of Palliative Care’ an often overlooked part of the transplant process and I hope to see a full room.
We have responded to feedback and we will be repeating the “How do I” sessions and also the interpretation of blood values as this was very well received in Istanbul.
Overall I expect this to be a dynamic meeting and I hope that you will enjoy the experience. Please do come and find me if you are not!
Best wishes,
John Murray
Chair of the Nurses Group Scientific Committee

Training course for HSCT nurses

February 26 - 27 2016 in Guangzhou, China

The EBMT NG in collaboration with Nurses No Frontiers (NNF) and Childhood Cancer International (CCI) have organised the Training course for HSCT nurses in Guangzhou, China last February.

There were more than 150 nurses attending the course from more than 10 regional hospitals. The training was a great learning experience for everyone.  All nurses enjoyed it and wish to learn more in depth in order to be able to assess properly their patients. The Panel discussion was rich and many practical issues have been explored thanks to prompt assistance of interpreters who were medical assistants of the same multidisciplinary hospital teams from Second Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University and Nanfang Hospital.

We are all looking forward to continue our collaboration with second step advanced training in Guangzhou next year and new beginnings with NNF and CCI elsewhere.


National Groups' update

The Turkish National Group

The National HCT Nursing Symposium was held in Republic of Northern Cyprus (5-6 February 2016) with close collaboration of TSCTNG and Turkish Hematological Oncology Association (THOA).
A total of 47 HCT nurses from 22 centers in Turkey attended the meeting. The symposium was supported by THOA. The educational program included nearly all aspects of HCT including but not restricted to case studies on transfusion of HCT patients, interactive working activities on HCT nursing. During the meeting current activities and impact of national bone marrow registry of Turkey (TURKOK) on unrelated donor HCT rates were discussed.  
The impact of the educational program on the knowledge of HCT nurses was assessed with a questionnaire, which was completed by the attendees before and after completion of the symposium. The results suggested a significant positive impact of the education (53.7±17.13 vs 76.3±15.22; p < 0.001) on the level of knowledge in the field of HCT.    
 Seckin ERDAL
Chair Turkey National Group

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