EBMT NEWSLETTER | March 2015 | Volume 46 - Issue 1

Important dates
The Scientific Committee of the EBMT Nurses Group has worked hard in order to offer you an interesting high quality program. Below you can find some news and highlights for 2015.
Safety will be an overall theme and will be covered both from patient safety and occupational safety aspects. We will be showing a short movie on how different procedures are performed in hospitals around Europe and the key note speaker will share his expertise in safety issues.
The Nurses Education Day on Sunday March 22 will offer simultaneous translation in Turkish, and it will be video recorded and available on the website after the meeting.
With special focus on our colleagues from this year’s host country, the Turkish translation of the booklet “Mobilisation and apheresis” will be presented.
The EBMT Nurses Group promotes collaboration and will announce the EBMT/EONS joint project as well as present the position paper on Basic Oral Care written together with MASCC and ISOO.
Besides the new elements, we offer the usual Joint Nurses and Physicians session and the topic this year is ‘Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) / Adult HSCT in PID’. We are also happy to announce that we will again have a Nurses Symposium on Veno Occlusive Disease. These symposia have been very popular with highly ranked content in previous years.
We will, as always, acknowledge skilled and experienced colleagues by bestowing the Distinguished Merit Award and best oral and poster prizes.
If these highlights are not enough to make you interested in attending the Annual Meeting, please go to the website and check out the full program. We are sure that you will find many other sessions and topics that will support your personal and professional development, give ideas for improvement in your unit and evidence that will promote the best patient care possible.
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