EBMT NEWSLETTER | March 2015 | Volume 46 - Issue 1

Important dates
As in previous years, the EBMT Data Management Group will use the opportunity provided by this Annual Meeting to offer a series of educational, scientific and training sessions for Data Management professionals within an interactive and friendly environment. This will be another unique opportunity for individuals from different centres, countries and institutions to meet up and get to know each other face to face.

Educational Sessions

There will be a varied programme for data management professionals at all levels of their career and which should be of interest to everybody, regardless of background. These sessions are open to everyone  -  so no need to book, just turn up at the session. If you are new to this field, there will be sessions which will enhance your knowledge and some sessions will have a higher scientific context.

Session topics will include:

Molecular markers and cytogenetics; understanding genetic and molecular markers in Lymphoma, DLIs – when & why used; Autoimmune - overview of cell therapy; Clinical Trials; Infections in transplants; Data reporting problems; Changes to the Med-A; Transplant complications – including VOD;  Myeloma – how to evaluate response to treatment?; Introduction to HSCT & the Med-A; Nursing in Paediatrics; Data Managers and Literature.

We recommend participants to attend as many sessions as possible - even if they do not seem to relate to your work. In the past we have found that people learn more about adult transplants by finding out what is involved in paediatric transplants. We always encourage active participation in these sessions, raising issues and requesting clarifications, so that we can all learn from each other.

EBMT Registry Database (ProMISe) Training Sessions

We are once again offering training sessions on how to access and use the Registry Database via ProMISe for Data Entry, Data Retrieval and HLA Data Entry. The Data Entry session is an introduction to the Med-A and only absolute beginners should sign up for it. The Data Retrieval session will focus on obtaining data listings, frequencies and how to run reports. The HLA Data Entry session will focus on how to enter HLA reports, for those users who want to do this themselves.  These two sessions are aimed primarily at experienced ProMISe users.
Please note: Places for the training sessions are limited so booking is essential. If you would like to attend any of them please click on this link to the booking form.
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