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Educational Scholarship 2017
6th Training Course for Paediatrics and Paediatric Nurses on HSCT in Children and Adolescents
The Textbook for Nurses
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Educational Scholarship 2017

Mardin Mazhar from Sulaymania Iraq is a successful applicant to the Educational Scholarship. She spent two weeks in Monza (Italy) in the department of paediatric hemato-oncology (Fondazione MBBM). She is presenting her experience in the article below.

“Thanks to the Educational Scholarship that was offered to me by the EBMT Nurses Group, I spent two weeks in Monza, attending the Pediatric BMT and Pediatric Hematology Unit in Monza, Italy (ASST Monza – Fondazione MBBM).

First of all, it was an incredible personal experience because this was my first time travelling outside my country and taking an airplane. I was very excited and scared as well. During this period, I attended both the Units and the Out-Patients service.
I liked the hospital immensely and the department itself because of the size and variety of patients and interesting clinical cases. It was inspiring to see how nurses and doctors can work alongside, supporting each other and in a continuous learning environment.

I felt extremely welcomed by both nursing staff and patients. They were all very curious to know about me and my country. I have really appreciated their interest and curiosity, because I do not often have the chance to talk with people coming from backgrounds so different from my original one.

I had the chance to be in the Unit during an allogeneic transplant, looking at how nurses monitor and supervise patient during the procedure, explaining to parents and child himself about how the period following the infusion might be. I enjoyed the educational role played by nurses. The trust put in the nurse by the patients must feel very satisfying and make them feel proud of the role they play.

I was also exposed the management of severe GVHD, looking at how they evaluate GVHD, grading it and treating it, depending on the stage. This specific case was the one of a 5 year old child, affected by Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (new disease to be seen, for me), hospitalized for almost 5 months. The emotional and psychological condition of the child and his family was very fragile and challenging. It was inspiring to see how nurses behave in these situations and which kind of relationship they can have with these families.

I tried to learn about isolation and I got new ideas to be applied in my hospital, according to isolation rules and infection prevention.
I was really impressed by how aseptic and precise nursing procedures and nursing care can be. I would like to try to bring my own nursing team to these standards. I learnt a lot about techniques as well: CVC management, chemotherapy safe administration, transfusions and transfusional regimen.

I am so grateful with EBMT because they gave me the opportunity to travel and learn. Leaving from Iraq, it is very difficult to get the Visa to go to Europe and I had the incredible chance to do that.

Now that I am back in Sulaymania, I have been chosen to be a Nurse Educator in my BMT Unit and I will be working every day, during the morning and the early afternoon, to be present during the main activities and to shadow nurses, trying to establish new standards and to make them working independently and according to evidence.
I will update you about our progresses and works. Thank you all, thank you very much.”

6th Training Course for Paediatricians and Paediatric Nurses on HSCT in Children and Adolescents

June 8-10 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

48 nurses attended the meeting from different countries as Italy, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, Israel, Romania, Germany and Slovenia.

The Scientific nurses program was very well organized by the local nurse Lise Hvidt and the Danish dedicated team of nurses who contributed to the very successful meeting.  The program included nurses’ sessions as well as joint sessions with the physicians. The nurses program focused on a large variety of topics such as improving quality of life during transplant with music, beads on the string program as well as pain management.  Supportive care management was also discussed in a variety of subjects as CAR-T cells, adolescent care, keeping in touch with school program as well as palliative care emotional support and ECP. Transplant complications were also discussed as VOD and lung VOD, graft failure, BO and post-transplant dental complications.
A tour to the BMT unit at the Rigshospitalet was included too.
Joint sessions included talks on the history of BMT, donor and graft selection, the different transplant modalities as well as late effects. The fragility of the immune system as well as infections was also discussed. 

The nurses meeting provided a great opportunity to share experiences and to learn from each other through fruitful discussion on variety of subject especially during the meet the expert dinner.  The social dinner took place in a wonderful surrounding with excellent food and wonderful music.

A grant to participate in the meeting was provided by the EBMT nurses board to a nurse from Romania.
Some personal changes in the pediatric committee: Eugenia Trigoso from Spain finished her term in the committee. Eugenia was at the committee from the beginning and we would like to take the opportunity and thank her for many years of commitment, enthusiastic and hard work within the pediatric committee. We look forward to continue and collaborate in the future too. A new member was elected to the Pediatric Nurses Committee: Hilda  Mekelenkamp, from the Netherlands.

Read also the report HERE

The Textbook for Nurses

Release: Late 2017

The EBMT Nurses Group is proud to announce a unique collaboration with Springer Publishing to produce a comprehensive and informative guide covering all aspects of transplant nursing, from basic principles to advanced concepts.

This textbook for adult and paediatric nurses takes the reader on a journey through the history of transplant nursing, including essential and progressive elements to help nurses improve their knowledge and benefit the patient experience, as well as a comprehensive introduction to research and auditing methods. 

Nursing Web learning

The webcast of the Educational Nurses Day - 33rd Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group - has been launched. Click HERE to view the presentations.

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