EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2017 | Volume 57 - Issue 3

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Upgrading our registry with Project 2020: An Update

Project 2020, the upgrade of EBMT’s registry to Elsevier’s MACRO platform, is underway, and we wanted to share an update on the progress with you.
As you can imagine, designing and implementing a new system of this scope takes time, and needs input from a wide range of internal stakeholders before any data is migrated from our existing registry. We’re pleased to announce however the successful completion of Phase 1, which was about setting up MACRO for EBMT on a hosting environment and formally validating its fitness for storing patient data by adhering to strict security restrictions.
Eight members of the EBMT Offices are scheduled to receive MACRO Basic User Training this month, enabling them to contribute further to the scoping and design processes.
In addition, we’ve held seven Requirements Discovery workshops between April and May this year, which allowed us, in partnership with Elsevier, to map and expand on all the user requirements. These face to face day-long sessions, involving 13 EBMT and 11 Elsevier associates, helped in uncovering requirements and supported the identification of risks and complexities.
Thanks to combined efforts from both EBMT and Elsevier teams, we have also made excellent progress on Study Definition Design and Development, with both teams holding several working sessions. This work involves building the data entry forms used by EBMT into MACRO. As a start, the Med B form for Acute Leukaemia is being developed and reviewed by Registry Head Carmen Ruiz de Elvira and her team.
As we work through the outputs from these different sessions we will be able to confirm delivery dates, including data migration and go-live dates. This will also involve us aligning Project 2020 with the website redesign project. As soon as we have any additional information we’ll update via this newsletter.
MACRO supports our ambition to capture high-quality outcomes data that meets the needs of all stakeholders, including transplant centres, researchers, health authorities, donor registries and, most importantly, patients. To learn more about MACRO visit www.elsevier.com/macro. If you have any comments or questions please email registryhelpdesk@ebmt.org

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