EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2016 | Volume 52 - Issue 3

Important dates
New JACIE inspectors
New JACIE Accreditation Committee members
JACIE Training Course

New JACIE inspectors

The JACIE office is pleased to announce and welcome the new JACIE inspectors who are already included in the Register of inspectors and will be soon appointed to participate in JACIE inspections.
  • Deborah Anderson, United Kingdom
  • Daniela Bassino, Italy
  • Hele Belfield, United Kingdom
  • John Fitzgerald, Ireland
  • Rima Jamal, Saudi Arabia
  • Pramila Krishnamurthy, United Kingdom
  • Renza Monteleone, Italy
  • Jessica Wolf, Germany
  • Robert Wosley, United Kingdom

New JACIE Accreditation Committee members

The JACIE office is also pleased to announce that the JACIE Accreditation Committee has been enlarged and has added 8 new members. The JACIE Accreditation Committee works with the JACIE Office on reports and recommendations on applications and audits, spreading the accreditation experience among wider group of experts.

The new JACIE Accreditations Committee members are:
  • Lucien Noens, Belgium
  • Andreas Humpe, Germany
  • Almudena de la Iglesia, Spain 
  • Tuula Rintala, United Kingdom
  • Lynn Manson, United Kingdom
  • Valerie Lapierre, France
  • Ender Altiok, Turkey
  • Dania Arabi, Saudi Arabia
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the new and current JACIE volunteers for making the JACIE Accreditation Process possible and contributing to improving quality in HSCT programmes in Europe and beyond.

Iris Bargalló, Accreditations Coordinator

JACIE Training Course

June 2-3  2016 in Southampton, United Kingdom

Twenty-one participants travelled to Southampton at the start of this month to attend the JACIE Course. This was the 65th JACIE event since 1999 which has seen over 1000 participants from the international transplant community learn about the accreditation process and how to work with the Standards.

On this occasion, the participants were almost all from the UK with the exception of one Swiss and one German. There was a mix of backgrounds with quality managers being the most numerous followed by physicians and nurses.

Over the two days of the event, the training team covered the process in detail and participants heard experts like Dr. Fergus Jack (Poole), Ms. Sarah Holtby (London), Dr. Claire Wiggins (Southampton) and Dr. Kim Orchard (Southampton) explain the standards with plenty of opportunities for exchanging views and solutions.

Similar to the event in Manchester in mid-2015, the high level of collective wisdom in the room was evident with almost everyone coming from centres that have already been through at least one accreditation cycle. From the JACIE team’s perspective, the value of these events lies as much in the opportunities to learn from the other participants as what is presented in the slides and talks so thanks to everyone who attended and for your positive feedback.

Save the Date!

The next training course is on October 6-7 in Barcelona, Spain and 26-27 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We also plan to announce another event in Sweden in November this year. For further details, contact education.events@ebmt.org
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