EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2016 | Volume 52 - Issue 3


International Transplant Course

The EBMT launches the first International Transplant Course 9-11 September in Barcelona. Register now and submit your case study.


Focus on 5 important EBMT studies published in peer-reviewed journals and selection of the recently trending articles published in BMT Journal

BMT celebrates its 30th anniversary

Happy Birthday Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal!


Update on 2 clinical trials; CALM; MM relapse data quality initiative; HLA-mismatched related HSCT; 3 IDWP non-interventional prospective studies and fertility cryopreservation study in cancer patients

Nuclear Accident Committee

The NAC convened a meeting recently to define how the EBMT might optimally respond to the effects of dispersal of radioactive materials from a dirty bomb.


Outcome of the 10th Meeting of the EBMT PDWP; the 20th ESH-EBMT Training Course and WMDA-EBMT Search Coordinator Certificate programme

EBMT Annual Meeting

Call for bid to host the EBMT 2020 Annual Meeting - Deadline 21st of July

5th Meeting of the EBMT Paediatric Nurses

Five nurses from Spain, Turkey, and Austria obtained a grant from the PDWP. You can read below their reports on the meeting.


New JACIE Inspectors and Accreditation Committee Members; outcomes of the JACIE Training Course in Southampton

Important dates
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