EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2013 | EBMT 2013 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates
Building on the success of last years Slide Banks, the EBMT has decided to again seek consent from speakers at the congress to include their presentations in an open access educational resource. The result of which is the EBMT 2013 Slide Bank.

You can also view a serie of interviews through our YouTube Channel and relive some of the highlights of the meeting thanks to our photo gallery.

Slide Bank

All presentations for which the speakers/authors have given agreement for dissemination are included in the slide bank 2013. It is online in the resources section of the EBMT website

We are most grateful to all the speakers who agreed to their presentations being made available for this invaluable educational resource.


Throughout the Annual Meeting, a number of interviews were being recorded in collaboration with Kephren Publishing. You can view them on our YouTube channel. 

Image Gallery

If you’d like to relive some of the highlights of the meeting, you can access a photo gallery at the following link:

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