EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2013 | EBMT 2013 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates
134 EBMT members attended the EBMT General Assembly Meeting in London, for an update on the EBMT's main activities.
The presentation of the meeting and the minutes can be viewed on the EBMT website: http://www.ebmt.org/Contents/Resources/Library/Generalassemblyminutes/Pages/General-assembly-minutes.aspx

Membership fees

62 members approved the proposal to set the membership fees to 900€ per year for a centre.

Important information about the membership increase: This increase will go towards supporting the annual maintenance of the new EBMT Registry. Moreover, centre membership will be increased from 5 to 7 people, providing the opportunity to add a Quality Manager and a Lab Technician in each centre and therefore reflecting the importance of all those involved in HSCT. Last but not least, no fee increase will be applied for additional members to a centre or to Individual Patrons.

2013 Elections results

For the second time, PIs of full member centres voted online to elect the EBMT President-Elect, the chairs of the Inborn Errors, Solid Tumours Working Parties, and to re-elect the EBMT Secretary, the chairs of the Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases and Lymphoma Working Parties and the EBMT Nurses Group President.
The results below were announced during the GAM:

EBMT President Elect and WP Chair Elections/Re Elections 2013
EBMT President Elect
(Total 208 responses)
Mohamad Mohty 87.02% - (181 votes)
No vote 12.98% - (27 votes)
EBMT Inborn Errors WP Chair
(Total 206 responses)
Andrew Gennery 76.21% - (157 votes)
No vote 23.79% - (49 votes)
EBMT Solid Tumours WP Chair
(Total 205 responses)
Ugo di Giorgi 29.27% - (60 votes)
Francesco Lanza 42.93% - (88 votes)
No vote 27.80% - (57 votes)
(Total 207 responses)
Anna Sureda 95.17% - (197 votes)
No vote 4.83% - (10 votes)
RE ELECTION of EBMT Autoimmune Diseases WP Chair
(Total 206 responses)
Dominique Farge 85.92% - (177 votes)
No Vote 14.08% - (29 votes)
RE ELECTION of EBMT Infectious Diseases WP Chair
(Total 207 responses)
Simone Cesaro 88.41% - (183 votes)
No Vote 11.59% - (24 votes)
RE ELECTION of EBMT Lymphoma WP Chair
(Total 207 responses)
Peter Dreger 93.72% - (194 votes)
No Vote 6.28% - (13 votes)
EBMT Nurses Group President Elect Elections 2013
EBMT Nurses Group President Elect.
(Total 77 responses)
Reggie Belkhedim 42.86% - (33 votes)
Aleksandra Babic 49.35% - (38 votes)
No vote 7.79% - (6 votes)
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