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Important dates
The bestowal of a number of awards and prizes constitutes an important and enjoyable part of the EBMT annual congress. Again this year a number of different awards were made to individuals and groups for their exemplary contribution to the HSCT field.

Basic Science Award sponsored by Gentium

This Award is presented to the best basic science abstract submitted to the physicians´ programme. It is selected by a Scientific Committee headed by the Chairs of the EBMT Developmental Committee. The aim of the Award is to increase the level of basic science at the meeting and to encourage young investigators to submit their work to the EBMT Congress. The Award of 2,500€ was generously supported by an educational grant from Gentium.

Abstract title: Engineering a bone marrow stem cell niche through endochondral ossification

Authors: Elia Piccinini, Celeste Scotti, Hitoshi Takizawa, Atanas Todorov, Paul Bourgine, Adam Papadimitropoulos, Andrea Barbero, Markus G. Manz, Ivan Martin (Basel, Zurich, CH)
Full abstract can be viewed by clicking here.


Clinical Service Award sponsored by EBMT

Professor of Haematology and Oncology Hele Everaus received the Clinical Service Award in recognition of an outstanding life-time achievement in BMT and her major contribution to the training of her colleagues and young medical doctors.
You can read the news here: 

Honorary Membership

EBMT welcomed three new Honorary Members, Professors Boris Labar, Shaun McCann, Wolfgang Hinterberger, in recognition of their outstanding contribution in the field of Stem Cell Transplantation and to the EBMT.


Jian-Jian Luan Award for Lymphoma Transplant Research sponsored by the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party

This Award is in commemoration of Jian-Jian Luan, who worked as study coordinator for the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party and tragically died due to an alpine hiking accident. The Award aims to encourage research leading to improved results of lymphoma treatment through transplantation strategies. Both experimental and clinical work is eligible. The Award was presented to the best abstract submitted under the ‘lymphoma’ topic and selected by a scientific committee headed by the Chairperson of the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party. The price-winning abstract was awarded with 1,000€ donated by the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party and presented orally at the LWP session.
Abstract title: Post-transplantation cyclophosphamide is safe and effective to prevent immunological reaction after unmanipulated haploidentical BMT following nonmyeloablative conditioning for advanced lymphomas.

Authors: Luca Castagna, Stefania Bramanti, Sabine Fürst, Laura Giordano, Roberto Crocchiolo, Barbara Sarina, Elisa Mauro, Lucio Morabito, Reda Bouabdallah, Monica Balzarotti, Antonella Anastasia, Elisabetta Todisco, Carmelo Carlo Stella, Ercole Brusamolino, Didier Blaise, Armando Santoro (Marseille, FR; Milan, IT)
Full abstract can be viewed by clicking here

Jon van Rood Award sponsored by Fresenius Biotech GmbH

This important Award is given for outstanding contributions in the field of hematopoietic transplantation immunology, immunogenetics, tolerance and graft-vs-leukaemia/tumour effects. The 5th edition of this Award was organised by Prof Hans-Jochem Kolb (Munich, Germany) and the selection was carried out by a distinguished International panel under the supervision of Prof J.J. van Rood himself. The Award was generously supported by Fresenius Biotech GmbH with an unrestricted educational grant of 10,000€.
This year, two papers were selected as the winners:
IL-7 and IL-15 instruct the generation of human memory stem T cells from naive precursors.
N. Cieri (Milan, IT)

Full paper can be viewed by clicking here

Endogenous HLA class II epitopes that are immunogenic in vivo show distinct behavior toward HLA-DM and its natural inhibitor HLA-DO.
A.N. Kremer (Leiden, NL)
Full paper can be viewed by clicking here

Nature Publishing Poster Awards sponored by Nature Publishing Group

Two Awards for the best physician poster presentations (best clinical and best science poster) are sponsored by Nature Publishing Group. The awards were announced during the Closing Ceremony and given by John Goldman. Each Award is 1,000£.
The Best Clinical Poster entitled “High pre-transplant serum nitrate levels predict risk of acute steroid-refractory GVHD in the absence of statins” (P1129) was awarded to Thomas Luft (Heidelberg, Hannover, DE).
The winners of the two Best Science Posters received £500 each:
“Tissue-specific homing of NK cell subpopulations impacts GVHD prevention” (P632) was awarded to Evelyn Ullrich.
“Loss of mismatched HLA at leukaemia relapse after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation is significantly associated with clinical and immunogenetic hallmarks of donor-versus-host alloreactivity” (P804) was awarded to Lara Crucitti.

Nurses Group Awards and Prizes

Each winner of the NG Awards received 1,500€.
Mairead Ni Chonghaile received the 5th Distinguished Merit Award in recognition for the energy and passion she has shared over the years and is still offering in educating and supporting colleagues, patients and donors of HSCT.

Best Poster Prize

At the closing session, the Best Poster Prize was awarded to R. Johnston, S. Pike and C. Duran from Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK on “Independent Double-checking” of intravenous medications (P1365).

Best Oral Presentation

Julie Beckerson, N. Jones, S. Lodhia, K. Montanheiro, J. Pickard, R. Prior, E. Ripley and N. Scott received a prize for the best oral presentation with title “Updated consensus recommendations on the dietary advice for patients with neutropenia from the Haematology Sub-Group of the British Dietetic Association Oncology Group.” (N1274)

Outstanding Achievement Award

This was awarded to Rosi Oneto for her long-term contributions and support to the EBMT.

"Rosi has been the main reason why the Severe Aplastic Anaemia Working Party database, which is unique in the world as a bone marrow failure disease specific database, is so comprehensive. She has done so much fantastic work on this, she has been instrumental in the success of the SAAWP for such rare disorders and yet an incredibly productive and high quality output." Judith Marsh, Chair of the Severe Aplastic Anaemia

Travel Grants sponsored by Sanofi

Sanofi generously provided travel grants to the following doctors and scientists in training. The 25 grants winners received 500€.
  1. Annalisa Ruggeri, Paris
  2. Yachiyo Kuwatsuka, Milwaukee
  3. Luciana Tucunduva, Paris
  4. Meng Lv, Beijing
  5. Luca Vago, Milan
  6. ilvia Spoerl, Munich
  7. Nicoletta Cieri, Milan
  8. Haowen Xiao, Hangzhou
  9. Lara Crucetti, Milan
  10. Pooja Khandelwal, Cincinnati
  11. Raffaella Greco, Milan
  12. Amandine Le Bourgeois, Nantes
  13. Riccardo Masetti, Bologna
  14. Yongxian Hu, Hangzhou
  15. Carola Bunse, Hannover
  16. Amaya Zabalza, Pamplona
  17. Maud D'Aveni, Paris
  18. Amer Zeidan, Baltimore
  19. Laura Willemsen, Leiden
  20. Meng Wang, London
  21. Monika Mielcarek, Wroclaw
  22. Sadaf Atarod, Newcastle
  23. Yael Dinur Schejter, Jerusalem
  24. Jessica Okosun, London
  25. Michael Hudecek, Wuerzberg

Van Bekkum Award sponsored by EBMT

The Van Bekkum Award is the most prestigious EBMT award. It is presented to the lead author of the best abstract submitted to the physician's programme and is selected by the EBMT Board. The award of 2,500€ is supported by the EBMT.
Abstract title: Long-term outcomes after autologous haematopoietic cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis: a joint study from the Center for International Blood and Marrow Research (CIBMTR) and the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

Authors: Paulo Muraro, Marcelo Pasquini, Harold Atkins, James Bowen, Dominique Farge, Athanasios Fassas, Mark Freedman, George Georges, Nelson Hamerschlak, Eva Havdrova, Tomas Kozak, Gian Luigi Mancardi, Daniela Morais, Richard Nash, Steve Pavletic, Jian Ouyang, Albert Saiz, Manuela Badoglio, Xiaobo Zhong, Maria Pia Sormani, Riccardo Saccardi  (London, GB; Milwaukee, US; Ottawa, CA; Seattle, US; Paris, FR; Thessaloniki, GR; Sao Paolo, BR; Prague, CZ; Genoa, IT; Ribeirão Preto, BR; Bethesda, US; Nanjing, CN; Barcelona, ES; Florence, IT)
Full abstract can be viewed by clicking here

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