EBMT NEWSLETTER | June 2013 | EBMT 2013 Post Congress Bulletin

Important dates
The exciting 39th Annual Meeting of the EBMT, held at the ExCel Centre in East London, has passed. Under the leadership of Jane Apperley, the local Organising Committee developed a sound scientific program. A total of 1262 abstracts have been submitted and 1200 abstracts have been accepted. Worldwide experts had the opportunity to present state-of-the art sessions for the 4,300 delegates. At the end of  each intense day, the delegates had fun enjoying an exciting social program. They swung with the UK National Youth Jazz Orchestra during the Opening Ceremony and they were immersed in the ‘Harry Potter’ atmosphere during the Gala Dinner at the magnificent Guildhall.

Huge thanks are owed to Jane Apperley, Francesco Dazzi, David Marks, Tuula Rintala and the Organising Committee who did a wonderful job that ultimately contributed to the great success of the congress. The presence of the 25 corporate sponsors and 60 exhibitors was also of key importance to the event’s achievement. Last but not least, the EBMT would like to express its appreciation for the outstanding organisation by the Congrex team.



29th Meeting of the Nurses Group

On Sunday 7 April, more than 350 nurses joined the Education Day that dwelt on the topic of ‘Management of complications of HSCT patients’. 

During the Opening Session, Elisabeth Wallhult, the EBMT Nurses’ Group President, welcomed 594 nurses to this year’s Annual Meeting. On this occasion, Mairead Ni Chonghaile received the 5th Distinguished Merit Award in recognition for the energy and passion she has shared over the years and is still offering in educating and supporting colleagues, patients and donors of HSCT.
Three joint sessions with physicians were held; this year’s program specifically highlighted survivorship, central venous line associated bloodstream infections and the outpatient transplant service. On the second day, Gentium offered the nurses’ Satellite Symposium on Veno-Occulusive Disease (VOD). Sarah Marktel expounded on the topic of pathophysiology, while Jennifer Cooper emphasised several care aspects for patients with VOD.  This was later followed by the presentation of Elisabeth Wallhult and Jennifer Cooper who discussed some case studies about optimal management of VOD patients.

Alexandra Babic was elected as EBMT Nurses Group President-Elect and gave an overview on the upcoming 30th EBMT Nurses Meeting.

12th Meeting of the Data Management Group

The Data Management Group meeting proved once again to be an enjoyable event, attended by around 180 Data Managers (a record this year) from a variety of European countries and from as far afield as Korea, China and Brazil. The Educational sessions included: chimerism, HLA mismatches, improved data quality, EBMT transplant activity survey, CLL Med B, complications, clinical trials - and many others.

In addition, there was an official presentation and demonstration of the new EBMT Registry System where many of us were able to find out more and see for the first time how the new IT system will look before it goes live in December 2013.

Three Data Management and two Statistics posters were displayed and the EBMT Registry Database (ProMISe) training courses and were also well attended. There was a Data Management reception, which was enjoyed by many Data Managers and colleagues!

Feedback forms and ideas for topics for the next Data Management Education Programme in Milan, can be emailed to: registryhelpdesk@ebmt.org and will be incorporated where possible. The feedback forms are very important to enable the planning of sessions in the future. A full feedback report will be available very shortly and we look forward to seeing our Data Managers in Milan.


5th Meeting of the Quality Management Group

JACIE had an excellent meeting in London. The packed sessions testified to the high interest and thirst for information and knowledge among the transplant community, not just about JACIE and the Standards but about quality management in general. It was very exciting to meet participants from countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan and Nigeria showing that quality is not just something for the so-called developed world but has a universal application.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the meeting's success. Firstly, the Quality Management Committee - Kirtash Patel, Pierre Donot, Bianca Wauben, Nina Som, Renza Monteleone and Phuong Huynh. They worked hard putting together the programme over the previous 9 months deciding on topics, contacting potential speakers and crucially just before the congress, finding alternatives when two speakers had to withdraw at the last minute.

Thank you to our speakers and session chairs: Iris Bargalló, Carole Charley, Ivana Ferrero, Alessandro Rambaldi, Ivan van Riet, Anne Emmet, Sarah Holtby, Aurora Vassanelli, Martin Hildebrandt, Marta Lopez Fraga, Franca Fagioli, James Mountford, John Snowden, Sally Nelson, Patrick Hayden, Chris Bywell, Nosakhare Bazuaye, Daniel Hollyman, John Fitzgerald, Mara Magri, Christian Chabannon, Renza Monteleone, Eric Braakman, Kim Orchard and Mark Lowdell.

Finally thanks to the Dutch QM Group for setting up and running the workshop: Jacco Besteman, Marco van Valkenburg, Yvonne Schellekens, Hilda Mekelenkamp and Sonja Haan.
Many of the slides in PDF format have already been uploaded to the JACIE web site where they can be found at www.jacie.org/events/ebmt-annual-congress-2013.

2nd Meeting of the Cell Processing Group

For the second time, a Cell Processing Day was organised for biologists and technicians working in cell processing laboratories. They had the opportunity to learn more about the tools for cell analysis, the quality control of ATMPs, ATMP clinical trials, and stem cell expansion ex-vivo for clinical trials. They were also given the chance to attend a plenary session dedicated to 30 years of Graft Engineering.


Paediatric Day

The second edition of the Paediatric Day – an integral part of the scientific program - was organised to meet the specific interest of experts in paediatric SCT. The aim was to attract specialists from other fields involved in haemato-oncology for children and adolescents. The scientific program included topics on HSCT for malignant or non malignant diseases and specific considerations for adolescents. The day was distributed between plenary, educational, oral and poster sessions, Inborn Error and Paediatric Working Parties sessions and a business meeting. This second edition received a positive feedback from the paediatric physicians but also from interested associated specialists. This is motivating to work on the third edition and to design a specific program on paediatric transplantation issues in order to increase international and interdisciplinary collaboration.


7th EBMT Patient & Family Day

Around 200 attendees gathered at the Mermaid Theatre for this special event, which involved a whole series of patient related educational sessions, both plenary sessions but also some individual workshops for patients with specific diseases. There were lots of questions and excellent engagement. Many of the sessions focused on long-term issues for transplant patients and some people who are up for nearly 30 years out from transplant shared their experience. That was reassuring for the patients who are considering having a transplant and it was good for them to hear about these stories. We would like to especially thank the speakers and the sponsors for their generous support.

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