EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2018 | Volume 61 - Issue 2

Extraordinary elections

The EBMT Board of Association approved the Working Party chair candidates for the extarordinary election in 2018. These candidates are:

Paediatric Diseases Working Party

  • Selim Corbacioglu     
  • Jean Hughes Dalle     
  • Adriana Balduzzi 

Severe Aplastic Anaemia Working Party

  • Régis Peffault de la Tour    
Principal Investigators of full member EBMT centres will be able to vote online during the first weeks of September to enable new Working Party Chairs to attend the October Board Meeting.

Appointment of Registry Operational Manager

Our Head of Registry, Carmen Ruiz de Elvira, will be retiring in November 2019. We are seeking to appoint a Registry Operational Manager at the end of 2018 because we envisage a reasonable handover period and we would like the suitable candidate to work alongside Carmen for approximately 1 year. If this may be of interest please see the advertisement for this post, which will be based at Guy’s Hospital in London.


New EBMT Business Development Manager

Anja van Biezen has been working for the EBMT as the Data Office Operations Manager in Leiden for the last 15 years. 

Recently however, she has initiated a new role within EBMT as Business Development Manager. This new role means Anja is responsible for the professional contact between EBMT and sponsors, where she will be taking care of ensuring all contracts and agreements in each phase are negotiated accordingly. In essence, she will be defining the hourly rates and general overall costs to ensure all rates are aligned across the different studies. She will be working in tandem with the Executive Director and Working Party Chairs.

New Junior Data Manager (CMWP studies) 

Name: Tiarlan Sirait
Job Title: Junior Data Manager (CMWP studies)
Office Location: EBMT Data Office, Leiden
Start Date: July - Nov 2018

Tiarlan is originally from Indonesia and studied biomedical sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. She has been in the Netherlands for three years and currently lives in Nijmegen. She previously worked as a data manager at the National Cancer Center in Indonesia. What she most enjoys about working as a data manager is working independently to manage and analyze the data while coming into contact with people from other hospitals and centres. In her free time she currently volunteers at a school in Nijmegen.
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