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6th Paediatric Nurses Group Meeting
EBMT Nurses Group travel grant 2018
Grant and Award Winners 2018
VJHEMONC collaboration
Nurses Textbook
New Communication and Networking Committee member

11th PDWP, IDWP, IEWP & 6th Paediatric Nurses Group Meeting

7-9 June 2018 in Verona, Italy

The 6th Paediatric Nurses Group Meeting on HSCT in children and adolescence was attended by 60 nurses from European and non-European countries including representation from Australia and Israel. The scientific nurses program was organised by the paediatric committee in collaboration with Alberto Castagna, the local nurse and Marta Canesi from Monza Italy. The program included nurses’ sessions as well as joint sessions with the physicians. 
The nurses program focused on various topics. The opening nurses sessions included an interactive introduction as well as activity reports of the EBMT Nurses Group (NG), including an update on the activities of the Nursing Paediatric Committee and of the Italian nurses groups - GITMO and AIEOP - as well as the activities of the EBMT NG Outreach project. Other nurse’s sessions focused on the care of the family and discussed an educational program as part of preparation for SCT, patient and staff expectation, rehabilitation and parents as donors; nurse’s research; non-malignant diseases as well as gene therapy and shared decision making in SCT. Early and late complications were discussed including VOD, GvHD and laser therapy for muccositis. 
The 2017 Nurses Group grant to attend the meeting was given to Medine Caliskan Yilmaz from Turkey, who gave a talk on the results of Turkish pediatric SCT nurses profile.
The nurses had an opportunity to visit the new SCU at the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata (AOUI) di Verona. 
Two joint sessions were held during the meeting on congenital bone marrow failure and on early complications as well as a lunch symposium on Adeno virus infections. 
The nurses’ meeting was an excellent opportunity to share experiences, ideas and have fruitful discussions as well as getting together with new and old friends and colleagues from the different centers especially during the social dinner that took place in a wonderful surrounding with excellent food and wonderful music.

EBMT Nurses Group travel grant 2018

"Thanks to the EBMT Nurses Group Grant I have been able to attend this year’s amazing Annual Meeting and to top it up in my home country – Portugal.   I am however what I call an “English Nurse” as I have done my entire nursing studies/career in England and that is where I‘ve been residing for the last 18 years. As a result, with little or no knowledge about the Portuguese system, I have gained a great insight into what the Portuguese people have done so far in the world of Transplantation. Such as the work of Dr Abecasis who pioneered the Stem Cell Transplant in Portugal and Elsa Oliveira “The Local Nurse” who translated the HSCT Nurse’s Booklet in Portuguese.   I was also in awe of the outstanding work of Nurse Caroline Bompoint in leading the French EBMT Nurse’s Group and Nurse Meera Achrekar’s pivotal role in the “Mumbai Project” bringing transplant nurses all over India together in a mission to standardise patient care and subsequently patient outcome. They are an inspiration. Further highlights were the “How to get Published” session – a “must attend” master class in my view for aspiring publishers. And the release of the great work Aleksandra Babic and Michelle Kenyon put together in the form of the new EBMT Textbook for Nurses. I cannot thank the EBMT Nurses’ Group enough for this opportunity. I hope to attend in the future and share my own Transplant Centre experiences/findings as this is the ultimate purpose – to share and learn from each other to better support our patients in their Transplant journey."  

Marisa Pereira

Grant and Award Winners 2018

EBMT NG Annual Meeting Grant: 1000 Euros ( 2 applicants)
Awarded to Veronica Lussana (Switzerland)

EBMT NG Centre Visit Educational Scholarship: 1000 Euros (3 applicants)
Awarded to Jessica Griggs (UK) and Bethany Colton (UK)

EBMT NG Outreach Nurse Annual Meeting Grant: 1500 Euros
Nurse from Myanmar- name awaited


10th EBMT International Nurses Study day & 2nd Nurses Research Study Day

4-5 October 2018 in Montpeller, France

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Emerging Therapies – Let's focus on CAR-T therapies, nursing considerations

12 October 2018 in London, UK

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Swiss Nurses Working Group Study Day

15 November 2018 in Bellinzona, Switzerland

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One FREE registration  for EBMT 2019 Annual meeting, Frankfurt 24-27 March 2019 to every transplant centre in Germany.
Please contact registration@ebmt.org  to apply.

FREE registration for nurses for the 1st Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Clinical Haematology (IACH)
27-29 September 2018 in Paris, France

The EBMT Nurses Group collaborates with the Video Journal of Hematological Oncology

Watch the EBMT YouTube playlist to view the Nurses' interviews, including:

Alexandra Babic (Meera Achrekar also features in part of this video):
Global initiative: the EBMT Nurses Group collaborative project in India

John Murray:
The EBMT NG awards: recognising and sharing the work of nurses
Veno-occlusive disease e-learning for nurses
Sharing of knowledge and practice improvement at EBMT
A rich digital resource for haem-onc nurses: the EBMT NG website
Sharing nursing best practice globally: from junior to expert

Michelle Kenyon:
European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses: a comprehensive, open-access resource
Importance of the EBMT Annual Meeting for Haematology Nurses

Textbook on blood and marrow transplantation for Nurses


This Title is available in Open Access and can also be purchased in print (hardcover).

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New Communication and Networking Committee member

Diana Comerford qualified as a nurse since 2005 with nearly 10 years experience working in a haematology setting in both inpatient and ambulatory care. Diana has extensive experience, having cared for patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for many years. She is currently the manager the ambulatory care unit at University College London Hospital, where more than 80% of the Trusts’ HSCT ‘s for allograft and autologous transplants take place. Furthermore, they are also caring for the majority of the Trusts’ CAR T-cell patients in their department.  She is committed to making a positive contribution to the nurses’ group committee for communication and networking. She is passionate about HSCT and has proved herself to be a reliable and motivated person. 
  We are delighted to welcome her to this role.

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