EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2018 | Volume 61 - Issue 2

Call for participating: MF Ruxolitinib

Chronic Malignancies Working Party study

We would like to invite you to participate in a retrospective study of the Chronic Malignancies Working Party regarding the effect of pretreatment with JAK inhibitor ruxolitinib in patients with primary or post ET/PV myelofibrosis on outcome after allogeneic HSCT.
For this study we seek to include MF patients with and without such prior treatment.
In this retrospective EBMT registry study the impact of ruxolitinib treatment prior to allogeneic HSCT on outcome such as engraftment, graft–versus-host disease, non-relapse mortality, relapse and overall survival will be addressed and compared to patients who received - in the same time period - allogeneic HSCT without ruxolitinib pretreatment.
Inclusion criteria for this study are:
  • patients with primary or post ET/PV myelofibrosis
  • allogeneic HSCT between 01-01-2012 and 31-12-2016
  • age 18 – 75
  • informed consent
Exclusion criteria for this study are:
  • no information about ruxolitinib treatment or other pretreatment.
  • blastic phase of myelofibrosis (transformation to AML before allogeneic HSCT).
The proposal is available upon request.
If you are interested in this study, please contact Linda Koster: cmwpebmt@lumc.nl

RACE Study

A prospective Randomized multicenter study comparing horse Antithymocyte globuline (hATG) + Cyclosporine A (CsA) with or without Eltrombopag as front-line therapy for severe aplastic anemia patients.

Study design: Open label randomised clinical trial
Phase: III
Primary objective: To investigate whether Eltrombopag added to standard immunosuppressive treatment increases the rate of early (at three months) complete response in untreated aplastic anemia patients.

Status: July 12, 2018
Country # Open sites # Randomised
France 7 68
Germany 0 0
Italy 6 19
Netherlands 4 22
Spain 4 7
Switzerland 1 6
United Kingdom 4 31
TOTAL 26 153
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