EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2015 | Volume 47 - Issue 2

Important dates
Dear Colleagues,

Every year, interesting developments are happening in the EBMT Nurses Group.  Definitely, it is rekindling fervor among members in their commitment to the organisation and respective institute. 

Good leadership has always been a big factor in the success of a group.  Therefore, our gratitude goes to Aleksandra Babic who has been leading and steering the group with dedication and efficiency.  We believe her unwavering support and guidance is always there for all of us.
Apart from the new appointments of news members and awards to nurses from the different countries, the EBMT NG had been actively organising meetings and workshops that has been benefitting much of its members.  This is indeed very encouraging and noteworthy.  We acknowledge groups who had been vibrant in their unified endeavors in promoting activities that render significance to the growth of their respective members and special mention to the Paediatric Committee who has again exhibited so much dynamism. (For details, please visit the EBMT website: http://www.ebmt.org/Contents/Nursing/WhoWeAre/NursingCommittes/Pages/Paediatric-Committee.aspx).
We have become more convinced that each Annual Meeting has been instrumental for the EBMT Nurses Group to be more dynamic promoting memberships and activities that had made the EBMT organisation more visible and relevant. It has made a difference to all national groups in one way or another in instilling knowledge and interest for advancement of all nurse members.
In line with the above thoughts, we would like to take the opportunity to announce and/or invite you to the following: 
  • National Chairs Meeting will be held on 08 October 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic 
  • EBMT Nurse Group International Study day will be held on 09 October 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. For interested members, you may register at the link attached: http://www.ebmtngday2015.cz/ 
  • Membership vacancies in the Nurse Group Committees (Pediatric, Scientific and Research).  For interested members, please send a CV along with a short letter of motivation to sara.zulu@nhs.net by 31 July 2015. (Details of this advisory has been emailed to all EBMT NG members)
In every progress, we feel the difference.  We therefore wish everyone and our new elected officers and members to help make the difference so we can sustain the momentum of our progress. 
We wish you all an enjoyable and productive summer.

Nurses Group Communication and Networking Committee 
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