EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2015 | Volume 47 - Issue 2

Important dates

The European VOD Registry

The disease Registry developed by the EBMT and Gentium Spa, to collect data in patients developing sVOD following HSCT is now open for recruitment in Italy, France and Portugal, where some sites are open and ready to enroll patients.

The Registry study will remain open until June 2018 and it is planned to recruit 300 patients treated with Defitelio® and a minimum of 300 patients managed through supportive care.

The National competent authorities have given their “green light” for the 13 following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Additional countries have also been invited to join in to improve the participation rate.

In these countries, the sites that are willing to join are now authorized to start the ethical/administrative process for the study to be approved:
So if you wish to participate, please contact the VOD coordinator:
Jessica Lemaitre - Jessica.lemaitre@upmc.fr  -  +33 1 70 64 24 15
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