EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2014 | Volume 42 - Issue 3

Important dates
This is my 2nd newsletter as President of EBMT, and it is a true delight to share with you the ongoing activities and projects of the Society. It is very rewarding for me to work with colleagues and partners from different places and cultures. Bringing those different world views together for the benefit of patients does have its challenges, but is very exciting.  
I am fully dedicated to serve EBMT for the benefit of our field, and being very close to the major interests of its members. Here, I would like to thank all those of you who participated in the comprehensive survey we have launched recently. Your answers are being meticulously analyzed. My aim is to bring the Society closer and closer to its members, and to tackle your major areas of concern. Please follow me on Twitter @Mohty_EBMT for regular contacts.   We recently had a very productive one-day meeting for the ‘kick-off’ of the scientific program of the Istanbul EBMT 2015 annual meeting. The working party chairs, in collaboration with the local organizing committee, are designing a top-level scientific content that will reflect the latest advances in the field. New features and activities will be introduced such as “meet the expert” sessions, pre-congress “practical training” sessions, etc. Here, I would like to strongly acknowledge the great efforts of the local organizing committee leaders, namely Dr Arat, Demirer and Ozcan. Please stay tuned for further information in the coming months.   Despite some important delays, the registry upgrade project is on the right track. The teams in charge of the project have faced some very challenging technological obstacles. Despite the obvious inconvenience of this delay, I am confident the new registry system will bring much added value to all of us, and resolving these challenges is mandatory prior to any “go live”. I am personally following up this issue on an almost daily basis, and will update you regularly.   On the 16-17 of May 2014, the first “EBMT highlights” meeting was held in Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the Saudi Society for Bone Marrow Transplantation (SSBMT). This first event proved to be very successful, paving the way for other similar events in other countries. If you are interested to host such event, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.   Although, we are facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment and strong financial pressure, the EBMT scientific productivity is still on the cutting edge. An impressive number of top quality peer-reviewed articles were published over the last few months on behalf of the society, thanks to the commitment of all centers reporting data and voluntarily dedicating energy and resources for the success of all of these studies. The VOD registry was successfully launched recently: all interested centers are most welcome to participate, you can find more information in the EBMT websiteAlso, I would like to congratulate the clinical trials office and the participating centers for successfully randomizing the first patient in the Merck CMV trial, an international phase 3 trial, run in collaboration with EBMT.
The EBMT board and scientific council meetings were held on June 20-21 in Paris.  We have extensively discussed the different problems (e.g. WIFI access, catering, etc.) that were observed during the 2014 EBMT annual meeting held in Milan. All corrective measures will be taken to avoid the repetition of such problems in future meetings. On behalf of the EBMT board, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

At the scientific level, we have discussed the new version of the manuscript on transplant indications. The final manuscript will be soon submitted to Bone Marrow Transplantation, the official EBMT journal. As Editor-in-chief, I strongly encourage you to submit your best papers to the journal. Processing of manuscripts has become extremely rapid. The new editorial board team, in cooperation with the publisher, is committed towards significantly increasing the impact factor in the next couple of years.
We work in a fast-paced global environment, so EBMT needs to remain a leading society, not a follower, by growing and forging solid collaborations and offering enhanced benefits for its members. It is sometimes very difficult and complicated, but when you crack it, it feels great!
The summer holidays are rapidly approaching. I hope you will be able to enjoy some relaxing moments with your families, friends and loved ones. Take care and see you soon.
Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President
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