EBMT NEWSLETTER | July 2013 | Volume 36 - Issue 1

Important dates
We would like to remind all the EBMT Nurses Group of the forthcoming meetings and study days. Please mark your calendar with the following events to organize your schedule ahead of time.
  • EBMT Nurses Group 3rd Study Day – 04 October 2013, Barcelona, Spain. In conjunction with the Spanish Nurses Working Group and Hospital Clinic
  • National Chairs/Contact Persons Meeting in – 05 October 2013, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 4th EBMT Swiss  Nurses Working Group Study Day – Saturday, 23 November 2013, University Hospital Zurich Switzerland.
  • EMBMT Nursing Group Study Day – November 2013, Muscat, Oman.
We are encouraging everyone to come, join and grab this opportunity to participate in these gatherings. It will be an absolutely wonderful experience to meet and interact with nurses and other health professionals, broaden your scope of knowledge in the field of hematology/BMT and share thoughts and ideas with the group.

We would also like to seek the attention of all the transplant centers that have no principal nurses to please identify one representative. These representatives will be eligible to represent their respective centers and vote during elections. 
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