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New committee member

Annika M Kisch (Sweden) has joined the Research Committee

Dept of Hematology, Oncology and Radiation Physics, Hematology, Skåne University hospital, Lund, Sweden

"I have been working as a nurse in the field of haematology and stem cell transplantation since 1993, all years at Lund university hospital in southern Sweden. Between 2003 and 2015 I was working as a SCT-coordinator, and since 2008 I have also been responsible for the work with JACIE. Between 2009 – 2015 I was combining my work as a SCT-coordinator with research, finalizing my thesis, entitled Allogeneic stem cell transplantation – Patients’ and sibling donors’ perspectives, in April 2015. Since I defended my doctoral thesis I am working as a RD & E leader (Research, Development and Education) at the same department at the hospital. This position includes responsibility for education, nursing development and research, quality management and clinical work with related stem cell donors. My ongoing research consists of qualitative studies on related stem cell donors and patients going through allogeneic SCT, a national (Swedish) research project focusing on caregivers of SCT-patients and a study on physical activity for SCT-patients. I am also affiliated to a research group at Lund University since 2016 and I have now, this autumn of 2017 become a co-supervisor for my first PhD-student.
I am very happy to become a member of the EBMT NG Research Committee since I have a great interest and long experience from the field of haematology and stem cell transplantation and also from nursing research in this field. I am looking forward to the important and interesting work in the Research Committee, and I believe that my experience and interest will be useful. I have been working and am working in research projects with local and national cooperation, and now it will be interesting to continue also in international cooperation."

Contact details:
Telephone: private mobile 0708-211373, work 046-176133/172318
E-mail: annika.m.kisch@skane.se / annika.kisch@telia.com

Training Courses for HSCT nurses

8-9 December 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar 

Myanmar is a low-middle-income country in Southeast Asia, with a rich cultural and socioeconomic background, variable communication and transport obstacles. Up until 2012, childhood cancer management was particularly challenging, with a scarcity of human resources, quality improvement initiatives, and limited treatment outcomes. There are only 2 centers for childhood cancer treatment in Myanmar, Yangon Children’s Hospital and Mandalay Children’s Hospital. (Tint Myo Hnin and al. 2017)

Nurses No Frontiers and the EBMT Nurses Group in collaboration with Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and Yangon Children Hospital organised the first training course for HSCT nurses in December 2017. Over 100 nurses attended from both centers, Yangon Children’s Hospital and Mandalay Children’s Hospital, and they were extremely interested in many topics, especially on BMT complications. A questionnaire in order to assess nurses education, patient assessment knowledge and learning preference, was distributed months before the meeting.
Most of the nurses are Diploma and Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree course is available, however nurses don´t have the opportunity to attend it currently. For the first time, nurses from Myanmar involved in management of paediatric, AYA and adult patients that have undergone bone marrow transplant, had the opportunity to share experience and to improve knowledge and skills.

Training course was organised over two days The first day (December 8) with oral presentations, focused on evidence based quality of care in BM transplant, principles of conditioning, nutrition, BMT complications management such as, Mucositis, GvHD, Haemorrhagic Cystitis and Infection control.
The second day (December 9), we had the opportunity to have Mauro Pittiruti on the team, so a practical course on central venous devices management was held, particularly focused on peripherally inserted central lines (PICCs), with a large participation of doctors from different hospitals across the country.

We also had the opportunity to visit Yangon Children´s Hospital, Paediatric ward, laboratory and blood bank.

“Plans are under way to further develop capacity across other dimensions of the health care system, including plans to increase and enhance facilities, improve the diagnostic and treatment services, including palliative care, increase the financing and supportive policies locally, and enhance family support and partnerships. For that reason we look forward to continuing our collaboration with a second step, an advanced training course focused on management of adult and paediatric patients undergoing BMT, using the new technologies possibilities such as on-line follow up, courses.” Tint Myo Hnin.


16-17 November 2017 in Lima, Peru

This two-day training course was organised by the INEN (Instituto National de Enfermedades Neoplásicas).

More than 80 nurses from Peru, Chile and Spain attended the course and they had the opportunity to share ideas, experience, knowledge and skills for the first time. Important topics like pain assessment and control in paediatric patients, mucositis, GvHD treatment, vascular access, apheresis, quality management and JACIE accreditation were in the program.

During this event, the Association of Peruvian Nurses in Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplants (Sociedad Peruana de enfermeras en Trasplante de Médula Ósea - SPETMO) was launched.
We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration. A second international training course will be organised in Chile soon.

34th Meeting of the Nurses Group - Highlights

18-21 March in Lisbon, Portugal


The theme for this year is: ‘From junior to expert nurse’.  With this program we hope to supply the educational needs for all of the nurses who will visit the Annual Meeting in Lisbon.

On Sunday 18 March there will be an educational day. This day is included for everyone who is coming to visit the Annual Meeting. But it can also be purchased separately as a single one day visit. The whole day will be scheduled with high quality presentations with topics like: nutrition, chemotherapy conditions, early complications and psychosocial care. It will be an interesting day. We end the day with a Jazz satellite symposium with the topic VOD.

On Monday 19 March we will start the day with an opening lecture at 09.00. We appreciate that this may be an early start but we are keen to get the meeting going with a fantastic Key Note Lecture from the French National Chair Caroline Bompoint.
The day continues with some of our now regular and popular topics: how do I….? Understand blood counts and what does it mean and how do I manage…?.
At the lunch time break we will have a satellite symposium from Therakos on GvHD; food will be provided of course. Our Annual Business Meeting will also be in the lunch time slot. At this meeting the nursing committees form the EBMT will present their developments of the last year.
Submitted abstracts have been read and assessed and some are chosen to be presented as an oral during congress. These sessions will be presented by our colleagues from across the world and discuss their innovative projects, interventions and educational tools.  Don’t miss those sessions as they are very interesting.
At 17.00 oral sessions 2 is an important one for the presenters, as this is the ‘Best of’ and the winners here will win a prize for the best abstract and oral presentation.
Don’t miss out the posters! The posters will be in the venue and can be viewed throughout the whole day. The posters are from all our colleagues and will represent their best ideas and projects. 

On Tuesday 20 March we will start at 9:00 again with a joint medical and nursing session on sexuality and fertility. Physicians and an expert nurse Corien Eeltink will present the sexuality topic. You can ask the experts everything you ever wanted to know about sexuality and fertility at this excellent session.
We also continue with the oral abstract sessions on Tuesday. Don’t miss out the best oral abstract with an original research topic. It is scheduled at 11:00 and again there will be a prize for the best.
The paediatric committee will educate us all about the care for children in the haematology at 11:00.
At lunch time you can eat when listening at the satellite symposium from Pfizer. The afternoon sessions cover a variety of topics including lymphoma and JACIE practices.

On Wednesday 21 March we will close the Annual Meeting. We start at 9:00 with the experience of late effects of disease and therapy for our patients. There will also be a talk about post-traumatic stress syndrome and how this affects our patients and nursing staff presented by Past President Arno Mank. At 11:00 we start with our highlights of the Annual Meeting presented by Professor Abecasis and we will give out the prizes for the best oral, research and poster presentation!

We hope to see you soon in beautiful Lisbon and wish you a nice time. 

Simone van der Linden, Chair of the Scientific committee
John Murray, President of the EBMT Nurses Group



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Michelle Kenyon, Secretary: michelle.kenyon@nhs.net
Alberto Castagna, Communication and Networking Committee Chair: cncebmtng@gmail.com
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