EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2018 | Volume 60 - Issue 1

Important dates

Welcome to EBMT 2018
Young Ambassadors
12th Patient, Family and Donor Day
20th Anniversary celebration for JACIE accreditation
34th Meeting of the Nurses Group
17th Meeting of the Data Management Group



EBMT TV returns to the Annual Meeting 2018

Abstract submission

1,213 abstracts were submitted. Submitters will receive a notification letter end of January.

Young Ambassadors Programme

This year, ten young talented people have been selected to participate in the EBMT Young Ambassador Programme. They are from Russia, the US, Lebanon, the UK, Croatia, Italy and Portugal. Congratulations to them!

These ten YAs will be granted free registration to the Annual Meeting. They will have the great opportunity to network with EBMT leadership, and exposure among peers.
They will report about new research and development in the field of BMT including new studies, cutting edge topics, their experience of being a young physician, scientist, nurse in the field and highlights from the Annual Meeting and other EBMT events. Stay tuned to get the upcoming reports.

To learn more about the YA programme 2017, read the posts and view the EBMT-TV interviews.

Who are the EBMT Young Ambassadors 2018? Click HERE

12th Patient, Family and Donor Day

When: Saturday 17 March
Click HERE to view the programme and register for free

20th Anniversary celebration for JACIE accreditation

March 2018 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the EBMT General Assembly's adoption of the first standards in Courmayeur, Switzerland.

We plan to run a special session in Lisbon to celebrate this milestone with a panel discussion dedicated to JACIE – past, present and future - on Monday 19 March at 11.30. This discussion will feature past and present JACIE leaders: Jane Apperley, UK; Gunnar Gvalheim, Norway; Christian Chabannon, France; John Snowden, UK; Alessandro Rambaldi, Italy.

In addition, John Snowden will make a lecture during the Opening Ceremony on Sunday 18 March at 18.30 and delegates will have the opportunity to enjoy the birthday cake!

34th Meeting of the Nurses Group

Click HERE to view the Meeting highlights

17th Meeting of the Data Management Group

The EBMT Data Management Group is pleased to offer once again a range of educational, scientific and training sessions for Data Management professionals as part of the Annual Meeting 2018.

You will be also pleased to know that this year EBMT offers a Data Management Day Card, for those of you who cannot attend the whole of the Meeting and can only come for one day on either Monday or Tuesday.

Please see the link for registration. All participants will need to register, whether they are coming for one day or the whole congress.

Education Sessions (No need to book)

When: Monday and Tuesday (19-20 March 2018)
Where: Auditorium 3 of the Congress venue

There will be a varied programme for data management professionals at all levels of their career, which should be of interest to everybody, regardless of background.
These sessions are open to everyone - so no need to book, just turn up at the session. The sessions will enhance your knowledge whether you are new to the field or an experienced data manager.
Also, we look forward to introducing you to the new registry system MACRO as part of our Registry Upgrade Project. There will be Demos by our Software providers held on Monday and Tuesday.

Session topics will include:

  • Macro Demo
  • Lymphoma – Med-A, New drugs and treatments
  • Chimerism
  • Gene Therapy
  • Med-A Discussion Forum
  • Live Survey – interactive session on data collection issues
  • History of CML Treatment
  • Infections
  • Relevance of haematological values, sensitivity levels
  • Allograft with the focus on Med-B
  • Session on Cell Therapy with the focus on Cell Therapy Form
  • Benchmarking of transplant outcomes 
We recommend that you try to attend as many sessions as possible - even if they do not seem to relate directly to your area of work.
In the past, we have found that people learn more about transplants by finding out what is involved in a diverse range of areas. We always encourage active participation in these sessions, raising issues and requesting clarifications, so that we can all learn from each other. 

EBMT Registry Training Sessions in Auditorium 4 (Pre-booking essential)

At EBMT 2018 we will still be offering training on how to use ProMISe.

We will be providing training on Data Entry for beginners, HLA data entry and How to use reports to clean data, a session for more advanced users that may help with data cleaning before you move to the new Registry. 

We are also excited to let you know that we will be holding some preliminary training on the new Registry system MACRO. We look forward to offering you a taster of the new system and receiving your feedback.

Please note: Places for the ProMISe and Macro training sessions are limited so early booking is essential. If you would like to attend any of them please go the booking form.

Please contact khrystyna.valkiv@ebmt.org if you have any questions regarding the ProMISe or MACRO training sessions.

A more detailed description of each training session in Auditorium 4 is overleaf.

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