EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2018 | Volume 60 - Issue 1


Message from the EBMT President

Update about the EBMT agenda for the next few months.

Project 2020

Benchmarking of clinical outcome

EBMT Studies

Update on the RACE study

EBMT publications

Focus on four important recent studies published in peer reviewed journals; BMT Journal featured articles

EBMT Annual Meeting

EBMT-TV; Abstract; Young Ambassadors; 20th Anniversary celebration for JACIE accreditation; Programme highlights

Rare Disease Day

will be celebrated on 28 February with the theme "research". Read the article of our two Working Parties' Chairs.

Nurses News

New Research Committee member; training courses for HSCT nurses; highlights of the 34th Meeting of the Nurses Group; Save the dates!


7th edition of the FACT-JACIE Standards; 20th Anniversary celebration; Training Courses; Inspectors; Activity in 2017; Accreditation awards

Important dates
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