EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2017 | Volume 55 - Issue 1

Important dates

Nurses Group Grants
Web Learning
BMT Training Course in India
Save the dates!
  • The 6th training course for Paediatricians & Paediatric Nurses on HSCT in Children and Adolescents
  • International Study Day; Research Study Day; National Chairs Meeting
National Groups Updates: Turkey National Group

Nurses Group Grants

The EBMT Nurses Group received 18 individual applicants for all the Nurses Awards.

These have been offered to:
  • Mardin Jafr – Educational Grant
  • Christina Lim – Travel Grant
  • Otilia Niculita – Grant for Annual Paediatric Training Course
  • TBC – Exchange Grant
  • Yin Lu – Outreach Nurse Annual Congress Grant
Congratulations to the winners!

Web Learning 

Transplant Procedures Update for Physicians and Nurses Operating in JACIE Accredited Transplant Centers Focus on Competency Maintenance
16 September 2016 in Bellinzona, Switzerland
Click HERE to visit the online platform and view the e-sessions and lectures recorded during this educational meeting.
All these materials are at your disposal free of charge. Watch all the videos and complete the related questionnaire to obtain a Certificate of Competence validated by EBMT and JACIE.

BMT training course organised jointly by the EBMT Nurses Group and the NNF in India

9-10 December 2016

You can read below the report of Dr Meera Achrekar, Nurse at the Tata Memorial Centre in Parel, Mumbai in India.
“It was indeed a pleasure having you and your team amidst us for the BMT training program. The response was extremely good as we had 203 participants from over 12 Indian states and 39 hospitals. This also highlights the importance of having similar program to update the nurses’ knowledge and skill and also to standardize various nursing protocols. This request was also verbalized by the delegates. I am also thankful to Aleksandra Babic and the EBMT Group for reducing the annual membership fee for Indian nurses for EBMT by 50 %.
I would like to place my extreme gratefulness to Dr. Brijesh Arora who was instrumental in enabling this program to be conducted in India. I also thank Ms. Poonam Bagai who graced the program with her presence and also ensured that 13 nurses from various hospitals could attend the program. Last, but not the least, I am grateful to Dr. Navin Khattry who made this program possible by being supportive towards the program and also had a key role in getting an educational grant for us.
We hope to conduct similar sessions and meeting you all again.”
Dr. Meera Achrekar

Save the dates!

The 6th training course for Paediatricians & Paediatric Nurses on HSCT in Children and Adolescents

8-10 June 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This training course will offer two days of modern type education involving the participants via cases and group discussions on key subjects. The aim of this course is to communicate current consensus, state of the art strategies, research on care and last but not least networking paediatric nurses.
The course should be addressed for Junior transplant doctors, experienced doctors from multi-disciplinary fields, academic students and nurses. Toxicity, individualized treatment and cellular therapy are major headlines.
Copenhagen is a beautiful and modern city located in Northern Europe with a fantastic gastronomy and easy reach by flights!
Please remember to save the dates and spread the word to colleagues, doctors, nurses and researchers. 

International Study Day Thursday 5 October 2017

Research Study Day Friday 6 October 2017

National Chairs Meeting Saturday 7 October 2017

These three meetings will be hosted by the UK National Group (EBMT UK NAP) in Manchester.

National Groups Updates

Turkey National Group

We organized National Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Nurses Symposium on the 5th of November of 2016 in Istanbul during 11thNational Apheresis Congress. The board of directors of Turkish Society of Apheresis (TSA) supported us to carry out symposium.Turkish Nurses Group thanks TSA for this opportunity. 105 nurses attended to the meeting from 22 BMT centers around Turkey.
The symposium focused on psychosocial problems, especially difficult to ask questions during terminal period, care of caregiver, palliative care, success factors in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, management of transfusion-related reactions, Infection factors in stem cell transplantation patients and nutrition.
At the end of symposium we have chosen the new national group members.Two of our new members; Fatma Tekin and Sultan Kav have joined to the national group.
The National nurses group decided to organize national meetings twice a year.
This is all the news from the Turkey National Group!
Seckin ERDAL
Chair of the Turkey National Group

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