EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2017 | Volume 55 - Issue 1

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
2016 has passed and New Year is already here! I wish you all a healthy, joyful, exciting, productive, peaceful and enjoyable year from the personal and professional standpoints.
2016 saw more milestones being reached in the life of EBMT, allowing us to look to the future with great enthusiasm. “Last year” seems a long time ago at EBMT, as we introduced several novel features, applied new strategies throughout and ended the year as a stronger international medical and scientific society. All of this created exciting new times for our members.
We, at EBMT, are convinced that the pace of change is picking up, and it is always good to remember all our accomplishments and all that we are planning for the year ahead. Many organisations do it gradually, and a very few others, like EBMT, implement very fundamental changes in a short time frame. What we achieved was beyond my expectations, and it made me incredibly proud to see how the EBMT board, scientific council, staff, individual members and centres, sponsors and other stakeholders across the organisation pulled together to grasp the opportunities to make a real and meaningful difference to our society.
At the beginning of January 2017, you can raise a toast as you look forward. There is a palpable air of excitement throughout EBMT as the momentum builds, and it is particularly pleasing to see our plans delivering so many successful and innovative new projects. At present, we are able to secure our position as the most influential international stem cell transplant and cellular therapy society. Our dedication and involvement in immunotherapy have continued to rise. Linking and synergizing transplant and non-transplant treatment approaches has also reached a new high. This is a welcome return on our investment to make the transplant community embrace the new generation of therapies. It is not only great towards improving patients’ outcome, but it will also give EBMT a substantial advantage in sustaining its leadership role in what is a highly competitive environment.
To keep building and expanding such role will continue to take a lot of hard work, but we are ready for that! All EBMT missions are now developing positively. We have enhanced our educational capacities with the introduction of the new September International Transplant course (ITC), and the different “Best of EBMT” events across the globe. We are launching a new JACIE initiative, because quality of patients’ care is a fundamental issue. Our annual event is expanding thanks to a new organizational and business model. The new cellular therapy registry will become a reality within a few weeks. A modern new registry replacing the current long-lived ProMISe registry is already in the pipeline, just to name a few of these innovations we are introducing. Success is apparently contagious, and more and more, the EBMT is establishing innovation and change for the better as part of our core DNA. I am very grateful to have been entrusted with the leadership of this wonderful organization, and I can assure you that you can continue to count on my dedication until the end (and beyond) of my presidency in April 2018.
In 2017, EBMT will be holding in Marseille (France) another robust international haematology and transplant meeting (#EBMT17). And, with many original features, it is only getting more and more exciting. If you are planning to attend, you will enjoy the second edition of EBMT Pharmacists' Day, recognizing the major role of our fellow pharmacists. The Marseille Meeting will witness the launch of the “first Psy Day” highlighting the role of psychologists in our field. Many other new features are being planned, to bring together the top worldwide specialists in our fields of interest.
It is a true pleasure and honour for me to serve you all, and to engage our community in the exploration of new frontiers in haematology. I won't keep you further, other than to wish you a VERY HAPPY 2017! And, please do not forget to follow the EBMT news on Twitter @TheEBMT and @Mohty_EBMT.
Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President
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