EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2017 | Volume 55 - Issue 1

Important dates

The EBMT Registry is going paper free

For many years the EBMT has provided support to centres entering data, but now the EBMT is taking steps to go paper free in 2017. This means that data entry of standard paper forms - MED-A, MED-B, HLA and Follow Up – will no longer be offered by EBMT. By moving to the paper free data entry we expect to increase the quality of our database, encouraging a more effective process in the affected centres, as experienced by other centres across Europe that moved from submitting paper forms to entering the data themselves in the database. This decision is also in line with our commitment as EBMT to be friendly to our environment.

Most EBMT centres have already moved from paper to on-line data entry but 10% of centres remain dependent upon the Registry in London to enter their data manually. To help with the transition, a MED-A & HLA data entry training course will take place in Paris on Monday 16th January 2017. Please email registryhelpdesk@ebmt.org if you are interested in attending. In addition, data entry training courses will be held during the EBMT Annual Meetings as usual. (At EBMT 2017 we will cover data entry of MED-A, HLA, Cell Therapy & Donor Outcome, in addition to Advanced Data Entry & Data Retrieval).

Last but not least, the Registry helpdesk is always available to help your team with any questions, comments or problem regarding the Registry. Please read the Society News section for further information.
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