EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2016 | Volume 50 - Issue 1

Important dates
National Groups' updates:  Save the date - 10th Meeting of the EBMT Paediatric Disease Working Party & 5th Meeting of the EBMT Paediatric Nurses

National Groups' updates

The Turkish National Group

The Turkey Bone Marrow Transplantation Nurses Group started to work as sub-committee of Turkey Oncology Nurses Association in 2012 and the EBMT National Group was established in April 2015. National group members come from different centers and cities so collaboration is often via e-mail or interactive interview via the internet. Also we meet at educational days and plan for future study days.

We organized 3 courses between April 2015 – December 2015;
  • 09th – 13th September 1st Haematological Oncology Nurses Symposium, Cyprus
  • 6th -8th November The HSCT Nurses Course 06- 08 November, Istanbul
  • 10th -11th December Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Nurses Course, Istanbul
A total of 155 BMT nurses attended from 50 BMT Centers across Turkey.
For the coming year we have the following courses:
  • 4th-7th February 2016 Hematological Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Nurses Symposium, North Cyprus
  • 8th-9th April Turkey Bone Marrow Transplantation Foundation Course, Istanbul
  • 14th May The HSCT Nurses Course Co-operation with TONA / Medipol University Hospital, Antalya
  • 22nd-25th September 2016 Hematological Oncology Congress, North Cyprus
And for 2017:
  • 13rd October 2017 The International Nurses Study Day cooperation with EBMT / TONA / Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul
Seckin ERDAL
Chair Turkey National Group 

Turkey EBMT National Group Nurses and Oncolgy  Nursing Association of the Repuplic of Turkey (TONA) chair

The Spanish Nurses Group

2015 has been a very important year for the EBMT Spanish Nurses Group (GEETPH) due to the elections held to renovate the Spanish Board and our annual Study Day.

New Board Members

Since July we have two new members on the Board. Following completion of voting, Ariadna Domenech has been elected as President Elect and Verónica Linde has been elected as Treasurer. EBMT Spanish Nurses Group wholeheartedly congratulates both Ariadna Domenech and Verónica Linde and is looking forward to welcoming them to future Board meetings. We would like to thank Julia Ruiz (Treasurer) and Eugenia Trigoso (Past President) for all the dedication and interest they have shown over the past years. We also want to thank everyone who actively engaged in the work of GEETPH by participating in the voting process.

Annual Study Day

Furthermore, the annual Study Day took place on November 6th 2015 in Valencia at La Fe University Hospital. Members of the Board of Directors of the Hospital, together with other representatives of the Health Service of Valencia welcomed the participants to this event. Spanish Nurse Group would like to thank them all as they were a perfect host for us.

The 9th Spanish Study Day was very successful and involved the participation of 8 speakers, 4 chair and 145 nurses, 37 of them became new members of the EBMT Spanish Nurses Group.  This is excellent news because this means that the information of the Study Day was spread amongst colleagues. One of the actions taken to encourage attendance was to give 45 scholarships to oncohematological nurses from about 14 Hospitals around Spain.

The Study Day focused on the last updates of the HCST field. Insights were given on the Indications for HCST in patients with lymphoma, new therapies for GVHD and new Photopheresis challenges. In addition to these the Study Day focused on Patient Security, VOD management (using EBMT material), Nursing Research: challenges and opportunities, the role of the Nurse selecting the IV line and End of Life Care.

At the end of our Study Day, the program always includes the participation of nurses from different hospitals, where they share a brief oral presentation on new practices, “How do we do”, or studies. This year the Association of Nurses of Valencia offered an economic prize for the best oral presentation and the possibility of the publication of the study on their Journal. The prize went to the oral presentation “Training and competency in HCST. Educational activities for Nurses 2006-2014” Ana Jiménez Zárate, (Oncohematology Unit, ICO Badalona Hospital).

Members of the GEETPH at the Spanish Study Day 2015
As the results of the surveys showed, the educational event went very well. We analyzed the surveys to gauge the opinion of the attending nurses in order to understand their needs and prepare the future educational events.
The Study day was an excellent opportunity to expand nurses knowledge and networking with colleagues. Congratulations to all the Spanish Nurses for your passion, commitment and well-done work! 

For this New Year 2016, the Spanish Nurses Group is looking forward to work on some new goals we hope we can develop, and relate on the next newsletter! 
Anna Mantecon
EBMT Spanish Nurses President on behalf of the Spanish Nurses Board

Save the date!

10th Meeting of the EBMT Paediatric Disease Working Party & 5th Meeting of the EBMT Paediatric Nurses

Rodos Palace Hotel in Island of Rhodes, Greece
May 26-28, 2016

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