EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2016 | Volume 50 - Issue 1

Important dates
Thanks to all of our Inspectors
New JACIE accreditation fees
New JACIE Medical Director
Changes in the JACIE Accreditation Process for 2016
Quality management inspectors - Call for candidates


Thanks to all of our Inspectors

In this first JACIE Newsletter of 2016, we would like to express our gratitude to the JACIE Inspectors. They are the eyes and ears of JACIE and make the JACIE Accreditation Process possible. Thanks to these volunteers JACIE is contributing to improving quality in HSCT programmes in Europe and beyond.

This last year JACIE has performed 62 inspections, new JACIE record, with the participation of 140 inspectors in total. Their effort and commitment made possible the busiest year for JACIE, not only participating in inspections, but in providing their continuous support during the entire process.

New JACIE accreditation fees

On 15 January 2016, the EBMT Board approved new fees for 2016 as follows:
  • Registration: €3850
  • Fee per activity: €2,310
  • Fee per additional site: €1,000
The new fees represent a 10% increase on the previous rates and will apply to applications received after 20 March 2016. The discount applicable for centres providing active inspectors is continued.
More information at http://www.jacie.org/applicants/fees2016

New JACIE Medical Director

The EBMT is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Riccardo Saccardi as the new JACIE Medical Director. Dr. Saccardi has taken over from Prof. John Snowden on 1 January 2016. The appointment follows an open recruitment process launched in October which led to three candidates being shortlisted for interview. The high quality of all of the candidates made the decision very difficult and we are grateful to everyone who participated.

Dr. Saccardi has been involved in the field of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation since his specialization in Haematology and has worked in the clinical, laboratory and cord blood bank areas. His centre has successfully implemented both the ISO and FACT-JACIE Standards.

See more at http://www.jacie.org/news/drriccardosaccardiappointedasnewjaciemedicaldirector

Changes in the JACIE Accreditation Process for 2016

The following changes have been introduced on 1 January 2016:
  • Applicant centres will be required to formally accept a quotation for the fees. This will make clear the scope of the accreditation and related costs at the earliest possible point in the process in order to avoid misunderstandings and time-consuming corrections at a later date.
  • Applicants must sign an agreement with the EBMT (JACIE’s parent organisation) once the application for Accreditation is approved. This document outlines the responsibilities both of JACIE and of the centre (see below).
  • Applicant centres will be required to submit the Pre-audit documentation within 30 days from receipt of the service agreement signed by the centre’s representative. Where an applicant delays more than 30 days in submitting the pre-audit documentation, the accreditation process of the centre will be considered expired and the centre must restart the process
More information at http://www.jacie.org/news/changesinthejacieaccreditationprocessfor2016

From 1 January 2016, centres submitting applications for accreditation will be required to sign an agreement with the EBMT which covers all aspects of the accreditation process. The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of both organisations during the process. This agreement replaced the previous terms and conditions document.

The document entitled 'F-009-01-Standard Agreement for JACIE Accreditation' can be accessed in the Document Centre http://www.jacie.org/document-centre in the 'Applicants' section.

New applications must also be completed using the updated application form, also available in the Document Centre.

Quality management inspectors - Call for candidates

In late October, we launched a call for candidates to become Quality Management Inspectors. JACIE plans to introduce inspectors specifically to focus on the quality management standards in mid-2016 alongside the existing inspector profiles. These inspectors will be responsible for assessing compliance with the standards for quality management and policies and procedures across all services in transplant programmes. More information can be found at http://www.jacie.org/news/qualitymanagersinspectors-callforcandidates.
For all JACIE news, go to http://www.jacie.org/news
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