EBMT NEWSLETTER | January 2014 | Volume 39 - Issue 1

Important dates
Professor John Goldman, a remarkable innovator in the treatment of leukemia and an inspirational mentor to thousands worldwide, has died following a short illness, aged 75.
Professor Goldman was instrumental in the growth of the EBMT. From its inception in 1974, he played a major role in the development of a Registry that was created to record all transplants performed in Europe and to provide information worldwide regarding procedures related to HSCT. 
Professor Goldman was President of the Society from 1990-1994; he was also Chair of the Autologous Working Party and of the Chronic Leukaemia Working Party. He was President of the EBMT Annual Meeting in Harrogate in 1994 and he delivered the Annual Lecture in Courmayeur in 1998 and in Barcelona in 2004. In recognition of his contributions to the Society he was awarded Honorary Membership and was a Member of the Scientific Council, and in 2013 acted as Hononary President of our Annual Meeting in London.
Alejandro Madrigal, President of the EBMT said: "today, it is largely due to Professor Goldman's contributions to the life of EBMT, that the Society has 4,265 members in 570 centres, in 57 countries and nearly half a million cases in its Registry.  In March 2014, EBMT will celebrate its' 40th Anniversary at which we will remember his contributions and have the opportunity to acknowledge the very important role that he played."  

Please click here to view the complete tribute written by EBMT President Alejandro Madrigal.
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