EBMT NEWSLETTER | April 2014 | EBMT 2014 Post Congress Bulletin

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Dear friends and colleagues,
Welcome to this new edition of the EBMT newsletter. As I travel and attend many conferences and events, I meet many of you and what I really appreciate is hearing your feedback. This comes in many forms, whether it is in person, through e-mails, letters, surveys, or through the EBMT dedicated staff, and is invaluable because it is directly from the front line. It keeps the channels of communication open, letting us know exactly how EBMT can make a difference and provide the best possible service to its members. I do hope that you have noticed and are appreciating a significant number of changes which are taking place within our society?  
We are always examining how EBMT may provide you significant added-value towards improving the accomplishment of our mission.  
As highlighted in my manifesto circulated when I was a candidate for the EBMT president position, my efforts during the next few years will be directed towards:
  1. enhancing the scientific output of the organisation;
  2. establishing close collaboration with the different disease-oriented cooperative groups;
  3. widening the scope of the annual meeting;
  4. developing a broad annual educational events agenda;
  5. advocating for patients, helping maintain a high standard of care (including nursing), facilitating the JACIE accreditation process and helping to establish new transplant programmes worldwide.
Altogether, I am confident that we will work hand in hand to lead our society towards greater success, and to generate more knowledge for the benefit of our patients and field of study.  
This wouldn't be possible without the outstanding contribution from Professor Alejandro Madrigal, who has worked extremely hard during the last 4 years as President to transform the EBMT into a more transparent, accountable and scientific society. We are very thankful to him, and we hope to count on his expertise and advice regarding the EBMT's future plan.  

Please be assured that you can count on my continuous commitment, energy and dedication to achieve the EBMT mission.
Kindest regards
Mohamad Mohty
EBMT President

Pr Mohty acknowledging the role and contributions of past-president Pr Madrigal during the handover in the closing session of the 40th annual meeting of EBMT
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